UTIKAD President Eldener: ü Logistics Sector deserves ATLAS UT

This year 8. ATLAS Logistics Chairman of the Board of Directors and ATLAS Logistics Award Committee member Emre Eldener made statements about the Yönetim ATLAS Logistics Awards devam competition and invited the entire sector to participate in the competition.

Zam The logistics sector companies are very well represented in Europe and in the world at the same time, se he said. He continued: üle All the companies in the logistics sector have already been awarded awards for their work during the year and their contributions to the economy. So, in fact, they all deserve the Logistics Award ATLAS. However, in order to receive this prize, it is necessary to apply and participate in the competition. Then, as a result of the evaluations of the jury which consists of the numerical data of the companies and the highly valuable names of the works carried out throughout the year, only one first in each category is revealed. In fact, as I have stated, even if the firm receives a firm in each category, all of the sector deserves the ATLAS award in our hearts. Aslında

"Contribution to Logistics Award" Special to Export Companies
Ediy Our application, which was launched last year for export companies, continues this year as well, ğ said Eldener. “We continue to give awards to our exporters. The activities of these companies are our business resources. Our success is somewhat proportional to their success. Therefore, we believe that our exporters are worthy of the award. Dolayısıyla

Online Competition Begins
Another category of the ATLAS Logistics Awards, Eldener, who reminded that the voting process will start after the nomination process in the online competition. L In spite of the difficult and changing conditions, our companies and our sector employees have been successful. We contribute to the institutionalization of our companies, the proliferation of trained personnel and the contribution of this award organization. Iz

Participation in the competition:
Applications related to the corporate competition are made through the application forms on the website. The online competition category consists of two stages. In the first stage, candidates are shown online and candidates determined in the second stage are voted in digital environment. Nominations are also made on the award website for special export companies.

3 November 2017 is the deadline to participate in the corporate competition and vote in the online competition

Logistics Awards 2017 corporate application and online voting processes http://www.lojistikodulleri.com is done through the address. All application processes are free.

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