Türel: Çöz Traffic Problem is solved by rail system Tür

Welcoming students from METU, Mayor Türel said that they are trying to strengthen the tourism character of Antalya with cruise port, film studios and Balbey projects.

METU Faculty of Architecture senior students, who were in Antalya for the project courses, visited Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel together with the officials of the Chamber of Architects. The students exchanged ideas with the subject of the lesson, the old stadium area and its environs. With students sohbet eden Türel said that the subject of his projects is the neighborhood where he was born and grew up and played ball in the streets. Answering the questions of the students, President Türel gave information about his projects. Türel said: “Cities determine the character of people. We, the mayors, determine the characters of the cities. We need to determine the character of cities together with the sensibilities of society. Antalya has different riches. Capital of tourism and agriculture. Of course, trade develops with tourism. Of course, an environmentally sensitive industry cannot be ignored. When we look at our competitors, we have more wealth than them. But unfortunately, we cannot present these riches as well as them. Our trouble is here. And that's what we do now. We will build a cruise port in Antalya for the first time. There are 7 different cruise ports in Barcelona city center. That cruise port attributes a tourism character to that city. "The day trip tourists are a very serious attraction in Barcelona," he said.

President Türel explained that it would not be right to produce another character for a tourism and agricultural city Antalya, ı So we are doing our first cruise port. We are conducting a study in Balbey to create a second Kaleiçi. In Boğaçay Project, we try to make cinema studios similar to Hollywood and to strengthen the character of tourism in this respect. With our infrastructural investments, we protect our biggest capital, a drop of dirty water does not go to the sea without purification. Now we're becoming a city that gets electricity from our garbage Artık.

Noting that Antalya is one of the most touristy cities in the Mediterranean, Türel said: We can do this with investments that will enable high-income tourists such as marina and cruise port. However, some projects that you are likely to be successful are trying to prevent by your political opponents with populist approaches. This is the reality of politics. When they say I'm going to build a marina, they say the shores are closing down to the people. When I say I will make the harbor per mountain, there is no answer to it. "

President Menderes Türel, who pointed out that the first complaint in the city was the traditional transportation and public transportation, said: ve This is where you go in the world. That's what we get in polls. People expect me to solve transportation and public transportation. The only solution to the traffic problem is the appeal of public transportation. As long as people travel with their own vehicles, the traffic problem in that city is not solved. That's why we attach great importance to rail system projects. In the first period I made 11 km rail system line. Immediately after this period I added 18 km more. Now 3. I start the stage. We're going to do another 23 mileage, so we're going to create a ring. When you reduce the attractiveness of vehicles in traffic you can solve the traffic ini he said.

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