Bursa Urban Transportation Symposium was Held

TMMOB Bursa Provincial Coordination Board held the “Bursa Urban Transport Symposium” at the BAOB campus on October 28, 2017, with the theme of “Urban Transport”, with the understanding of not owning the city but being the owner.

In his opening speech, Fikri Düşünceli, Secretary General of TMMOB Bursa Provincial Coordination Board, said, konul Since its foundation, TMMOB has offered public opinion openings, solutions and models in the activities it organized in relation to both thematic and thematic issues.

As regards the urban problems, TMMOB presents the problem determination and solution proposals to the public in the last two decades, particularly in the areas of local administrations, distribution of public resources, agriculture, industry, disasters, environment, infrastructure, transportation, housing, tourism, urban protection and urban transformation.

In this sense; TMMOB organizes city symposiums with the understanding of owning the city and not the resident of the city. M Solutions to Bursa City ”by 2007, 2009 in 2011,” Bursa with Resistance ”in City of Bursa by 2013 in 2015, M Kent Bursa X in XNUMX and XNUMX in City realized.

Ant The transportation system which is seen as an indispensable part of our daily life; has a structure that continuously affects the society with its economic and social inputs. In parallel with the modernization in social life, while the mobility of transportation increases, the economic-social structure of the society, the mode of production and the economic interests in the transportation of freight and passengers form and affect this structure, hareket said Thoughtful.

Tır The purpose of transportation is to transport people and goods in a cheaper and safer way. The main task of the state is; is to establish and coordinate the transportation systems suitable for the country and community interests, creating transportation capacity to meet the needs created by the economic and social developments. Transport systems and services are the basic elements of modern economies and social development.

The problems brought about by rapid urbanization, industrialization and population growth are undoubtedly reflected in the transportation sector. In parallel with the growth of our city as a population and area, the demand for urban transportation has also increased rapidly, but, as in many of our cities, the transportation infrastructure could not be established in Bursa to respond to the increasing demand. An increase in private car ownership has been added and as a result an automobile-based transportation structure has emerged. As a result, high infrastructure costs, traffic congestion, excessive fuel consumption, noise and air pollution, social segregation and inefficient use of urban areas have emerged. The existence of these problems and the tendency of the increasing tendency of TMMOB Bursa Provincial Coordination Board have been the reason for this symposium. Sorun

Two sessions were held at the symposium and then the panel - forum was held. In the symposium, the problems of all people living in Bursa have been scientifically revealed and solution suggestions have been made to the city administrators. In the symposium, it is necessary to develop an understanding that will ensure the democratic participation and control of the citizens and professional organizations, which exclude a large part of the society, to eliminate the large part of the society, to create healthy urban environments and to improve the quality of urban life. he stressed.

In the first session directed by Remzi Çınar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TMMOB EMO Bursa Branch, Bursa Transportation Plan and Traffic Bursa was discussed. Selahattin Dinç, Director of Transportation Coordination Department of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, ü Bursa Transportation Master Plan Bursa; TMMOB Chamber of City Planners Bursa Branch Chairman Sevilay Çetinkaya, Başkan Bursa Transportation Planning TM; Mehmet Tözün Bingöl, Vice President of TMMOB Chamber of Civil Engineers Bursa Branch Transportation Commission, stated that; Bursa Provincial Directorate of Police Deputy Chief Police Officer Önder Dülger, ten Traffic Bursa; TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch Transportation Committee Chairman Selçuk Yıldırım, Komisyon Traffic Şub subject told participants.

In Public Transport and Rail System İl was handled in the second session, led by Fikri Düşünceli, Secretary of the TMMOB Bursa Provincial Coordination Committee. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Consultant Taha Aydın, TMMOB EMO Bursa Branch Chairman Remzi Çınar's, TMMOB İMO Bursa Branch Transportation Commission Member Cengiz Duman's ı Bursa Rail Systems, symposium TMMOB MMO Bursa Branch Manager C Serdar Sönmez shared the MMO Bursa Transportation Report with the participants.

In the Panel - Forum section, chaired by TMMOB MMO Bursa Branch Chairman İbrahim Mart, solution suggestions for Bursa Urban Transportation were evaluated.

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