The rail system in Trabzon did not pass the approval of the drivers!

Ömer Hakan Usta, presidential candidate of the Chamber of Tradesmen of Trabzon drivers and car manufacturers, held a press conference in a restaurant in Trabzon.

The presidential candidate Usta, who set out with the slogan of change now for the driver tradesmen in Trabzon, spoke at the press conference about the projects he will implement in case he becomes president. Presidential candidate Usta said that it is not possible for us to support the rail system planned to be built in Trabzon as driver tradesmen.

Noting that we are the most discussed institution in Trabzon, Usta said, “We are the institution with the most courtroom. There is a situation where we are at court, not only outside but also inside us. We have sample room to show our fingers in this state that Turkey will try to be a disconnect in the room. Our chairman, who has never contributed to our tradesmen until now, asks our members to vote for their dues. Our members have the justice to push this offer with the back of his hand ”.

Answering the question of how many stops have you understood the support of the presidential candidate, Usta said, “Our 9 minibus stops and almost all district presidents in Trabzon support us. Our federation president also supports us. Trabzon is interlocked ”.

Masters presidential candidate, "Drivers room living first in Turkey. 10 board members resigned. With the signatures of 6 board of directors, the activity of the chamber continues. There is no unity for management. It can continue without falling below 5 legally, but it is ethically wrong. There is mental fatigue in the room, as our President put it. A change is a must, ”he said.

Answering the question of whether political or local governments will be supported or will they be effective in this election period, Usta said, “Our negotiations with all segments will continue. “We will go to everyone's door on this road”. Making a statement about the rail system, Usta said, “I don't think the rail system will be very good, especially with the geographical structure of Trabzon. "It is not possible for us to support the rail system as driver tradesmen."

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