Şimşek: Ministry of Transport Should Take Over Adana Metro

MHP Mersin MP Baki Şimşek, in his speech at the General Assembly of the Parliament; “I call out to the government, you are usurping the right of the Adana people. The Adana Metro should take over the subway. ”

MHP Mersin Deputy Baki Şimşek; Ankara Metro has been transferred to the Ministry of Transport; However, he stated that Adana Metro is still in Adana Metropolitan Municipality and he should be treated fairly.

In his speech, Şimşek; “Ankara metro has been transferred to the Ministry of Transport, but because Adana Metropolitan Municipality is MHP, the metro is still on the back of Adana Metropolitan Municipality. The municipality invests 40 percent of its revenues in metro debt every month, is busy paying the debt of the subway that is not working and cannot provide services to the citizen. I am calling out to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport from here. Be fair, take over the Adana subway as the Ministry of Transport, just as you have transferred the Ankara metro to the Ministry. From here, I appeal to all Adana deputies, regional deputies and ministers, you compromise the right of the people of Adana, you are blocking the services that the Adana people will receive. ”

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:35

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