Rail System Project Will Start at Christmas

5 23 3 Phase Rail System Line Project, which will be presented to the public in November XNUMX, said that if the people of Antalya said yes, they will hit the dig at the beginning of the year.

Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, 5 23 149 3 2004 2004 2009 11 18 Meltem-Bayındır Neighborhood Meeting was held on the Stage Rail System Project. President Xelum 5 in the year when the demand for “all modern and modern cities in the world will be more in Antalya if you have more, modern reminding the President Türel said, olduğunda That is the point we have come to this day. Between 3-3, we introduced Antalya to the rail system line, which extends from the Kepezaltı Santral district of XNUMX for the first time to the Square. In this period, we have completed the XNUMX km line extending from Aksa to the Aksu airport by breaking the world record with XNUMX and a half month. It is inevitable that our city needs the XNUMX Phase I Railway Line, which surrounds the existing lines of Antalya. At this point we carried out our work. XNUMX has been able to bring the necessary legal and legal permits to the construction stage by taking the necessary legal permits for a year and a half. X

The first stage of the rail system line while the people are a little bitterly, but began to use the blessings of seeing the change of the idea indicating that Türel, hatt 2. When we ask our 22 neighborhood on the route with a similar referendum to our stage rail system, 98.42 percent of our people who participate in large participation said yes we want this rail system. We have rolled out the arms in a world record by five and a half months we have completed that route, s he said.
Before 2014 elections "Big projects are going to ask the public, people do the courses do I do to lesson him before with different projects would not insist on that project," Turel said reminded, said: "Today, most plebiscite that the mayor regarding in particular the question of the ring of major projects in Turkey I'm probably mine. We asked the public about the street, Ali Çetinkaya street arrangement. 2. We asked the ring rail system to ring. We asked the public to carry the Çallı Interchange Project and the Atatürk statue. Now we get all the permissions 3. We come to our people about the Stage Rail System. And we say that if you want beloved citizens of 3. We bring the stage to Antalya. We are ready if you are ready. Siz

23 in the 5 neighborhood, including Meltem and Bayindir, will make a public vote between 08.00 and 17 on Sunday. President Türel said: If you are voting in a general election, I invite you to use your votes in the same discipline. We provide your voter lists from the selection boards. In Meltem and Bayındır, who have their names on voter lists, such as their valid identity, identity card, driving license. Voting is done in front of everyone's eyes after voting is completed with the ballot box. B

Citizens "yes, rail system can do," said the project will quickly implement the Türel, said: "Thus, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir will be the city with the longest rail network at the end. Varsak'dan, Kepezaltı'ndan, Meltem'de when you get Kalekapısı, or the Light, or the airport, Education Research Hospital, the courthouse, whether the university, Atatürk Hospital (SSK), or if you want Aksu. You will be able to reach the rail system easily with a transfer. 3. Stage Rail System Line in total 23 km. Nostalgia, which we call the tram from Light to the Museum, and renewing the line, we are turning into a way of arrival. We're freeing it from the historic wagons and bringing it back to modern contemporary vehicles. O

President Menderes Türel gave the following information about the project: ver These works will be with a certain time planning. We plan to complete our line to 2019 by March from Varsak to the entrance of the university campus. We will endeavor to raise the relationship between the University and Antalya Museum. So what will we do if 2019 does not catch up this way until March? By means of providing a connection between free wheel-wheeled minibuses and buses until the nostalgia line, we will provide the transportation of our citizens until the Lights. In Antalya, along with other stages, there will be a total route length of close to 60 km. After three metropolitan cities, the longest line will be in Antalya. 3. The investments related to the route will be realized completely with the facilities of the Metropolitan Municipality. Etap

After the 3 stage, President Türel stated that the queue would come to the subway and said: sır He will start from Büyük Liman. The university will immediately pass the tangent and Lara will draw a branch up to Kundu and draw it to Varsak until the underground subway 2019. We have received the permission of the Ministry of Transport General Directorate of Infrastructure related to the metro line. We're gonna roll up the sleeves. But of course I leave it to your discretion. Unfortunately, they could not add a new one on the 2009 junction we made in Antalya after leaving office at 11. The leaf didn't move. Unfortunately, he was always dreaming. Now we are living the happiness of realizing those dreams. You are the real owner of all of these works. If you didn't have the support of the people of Antalya, maybe you would still be waiting for these services if they didn't pick us and put us on duty. Yal

Saying that the 23-kilometer 3 Phase 1 Rail System Project will cost 149 million Euros, Türel said, X 700 is an investment of around a million lira. An investment of almost a billion liras. We are now living the honor of bringing these great works to Antalya. Currently, our 32 rail vehicle works in two stages. When our 3 line is finished, the total number of rail cars will reach 52. We made all our preparations. 'Re ready. If you say OK, let's say, at the end of this year, let's say the month of January, we throw the foundations and start the construction. 5 November Sunday I would like to invite you to the polls to indicate your opinion about this project. Not only the residents who reside here, but also our tradesmen, who work in this region, will be able to use their votes with their tradesmen room, chamber of commerce document and their identities. The decision is also the decision of the nation. Good luck. Hayır



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