Erzurumlu Industrialists Want Railway

Erzurum 2. Investors in the Organized Industrial Zone came together at the second consultative meeting held in Erzurum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ETSO).

  1. Organized under the coordination of OSB Regional Director Fırat Karakaya, ETSO Assembly President and 2. Saim Özakalın, Deputy Chairman of the OSB Entrepreneur Committee, was the chairman. 1. 2 speaking at the meeting attended by the representatives of the companies that were allocated the land in the stage. Saim Özakalın, Deputy Chairman of the OSB Entrepreneurship Committee, said that the excavation works in the region were continuing and they were in coordination with the investors in order to carry out these works carried out with the support of the governorship, Metropolitan Municipality and ETSO. 2. OSB Regional Directorate of all facilities and staff to provide technical and infrastructure support to investors Özakalın, 1. as well as the second stage of the 166 hectares in the work continues uninterrupted, stating that the entrepreneurs who will invest in Erzurum land will not experience difficulties, he added.

ETSO Speaker and 2. OSB Entrepreneur Delegation Deputy Chairman Saim Özakalın invited TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Sivas Logistics Service Manager Yusuf Yüksel gave information to the investors about the logistics services of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway and TCDD which will be fully operational in the near future.

At the meeting, Özakalın's 2. Yusuf Yuksel, who made a statement on the importance of establishing a line of transportation from the railway passing through the OIZ, stated that he would be interested in the subject and emphasized that they carried out these works meticulously for the ease of logistics services. Yuksel, 2. By specifying that the OIZ will write to the request report for the establishment of the connection line, 2. He underlined that it is important that he be put into operation simultaneously with the investments in OIZ.

TDPD Erzurum Logistics Manager Sebahattin Demir said that businessmen could get information about the logistics services of railways.

Representatives of the investor companies participating in the meeting, the construction of the excavation work in the region after the completion of the construction will start to support them, supporting 2. They thanked the management of the OIZ and the staff of the regional directorate.



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