Metro from Vadistanbul Havaray

Vadistanbul finukuler
Vadistanbul finukuler

Metro from Vadistanbul Havaray: The shopping center in the Vadistanbul project opened its doors to visitors. The land owned by Evyap Holding is built on the 103 thousand square meter area with the partnership of Artaş İnşaat and Invest İnşaat. In addition to the covered area, the project also includes a shopping street with a length of 270 meters.


One of the striking features of the project is the connection to the Havaray. Shopping center Seyrantepe indicating Metro between that havaray services offered Artas Construction Board President Suleyman Çetinsaya, "within Turkey's first private havara the Vadistanbul project Artas and Invest Construction came to life with 15 million euro investment. Havaman, which provides access to the food floor of Vadistanbul AVM from Seyrantepe Metro in the minute of 2, is also important for the whole region. 2 month after we run the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will be transferred. The opening of the 29 will be held in October. Havaray 4 will bring and take an 250 person per minute. We also invested 130 million liras for infrastructure outside of Havaray, Ayrıca he said.


After the 2 month free operation of Havaray, it is planned to use Istanbul Card after transferring to the Metropolitan. 14 Çetinsaya stated that the shopping center opened in September reached the occupancy rate of 75%. We have more than a thousand people in our project 40. Therefore we needed a mall. After that, I don't think there will be a need. Considering the surrounding new housing projects, we are targeting 1.5 million visitors per month.

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