Tokat OIZ Will Expand

4 Tokat OSB, which operates with a percentage of occupancy rate of 90, provides employment for more than one thousand people, and will increase the production area in order to meet the demands of the investor.


Aiming to achieve international quality standards with the services it offers to the region, Tokat OSB has invested more and more investors in order to contribute to the economy. While the region provided employment opportunities for thousands of people, it also applied to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in order to bring the 60 hectare area around the borders into production. In addition to the 36 company, 2-500 will provide employment for at least one thousand people. Oğuz Keleş, the Regional Manager of Tokat OSB, told Sanayi Newspaper that when the 3 bin 425 is employed in the existing 4 hectare area, it will create a significant added value both in terms of quality of investment and in terms of employment.


Could you tell us about the physical characteristics of the region by introducing us to your region?

For our OIZ, a land with a total area of ​​about 7 hectares was selected as a settlement area to the west of the city center and at a distance of 425. Areas that are not suitable for settlement in areas with high slopes are planned as the area to be afforested. The area of ​​industrial parcels 183,22 hectares, while the service and support area parcels area 10,89 hectares; the remaining 230,89 hectares are official institutions, social reinforcement areas, green areas and roads. The total number of parcels is 173; 5 is the service and support area, 3 is the official institution area and 149 is the industrial parcel. 16 pieces are empty plot. 107 company operates in our region. 50 of employment is provided by the facilities manufacturing clothing.


Could you give information about the transportation possibilities of your OIZ?

Transportation to Tokat Central OIZ is provided by Tokat-Turhal highway which is asphalt. In addition, Tokat ring road passes through OSB. Tokat Central OSB, which is about 11 kilometers to Tokat Airport, can be reached in all seasons. The nearest railway station is located in Turhal at a distance of 45. The project, which will enable the railway line to reach Tokat from Turhal, continues. Samsun Port is the closest port to Tokat Central OIZ with 360 kilometers.


What are the export rates of your OIZ? What are the markets you dominate?

In our region 2016 was exported around 14 million dollars. Approximately 4 million dollars of this export, cosmetic products, agricultural tools as direct from our province, while the million dollars of 10 as veterinary drugs and textile products were carried out over Istanbul. Export countries from Europe and the Middle East region.


Could you tell us about the new investment activities in your region?

The occupancy rate in our region is around 90. The existence of the university and the use of natural gas since the year 2015 has made the region more attractive and more advantageous in terms of both qualified labor force and energy in the face of other OIZs. Considering the investment projection of 2023 year of our province, Tokat obliged the inclusion of a certain part of the person and treasure area adjacent to OIZ boundaries to the region. The fact that the thought area is not limited to climate, geography, meteorological, property, infrastructure, soil structure, transportation and institutions and organizations, and also being adjacent to the existing OIZ has encouraged and obliged this area to have additional space. If the area in question is also approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, it is foreseen that at least 60 company will start production in the 36 hectare area and 2 bin 500-3 will provide employment for a thousand people. Considering the employment of 425 bin 4 in the existing 100 hectare area, it will be seen that it will create a significant added value both in terms of the type of investment, quality and employment in the field to be added. As a result, if the proposed area is included in the OIZ, employment in the province will increase the employment of qualified labor force, unemployment will decrease, export potential will increase, economic added value will be provided to the region and 2023 year targets will be contributed to our government.


What measures can be taken to ensure that OIZ managements and firms can produce more?

Our province is mainly in the field of agricultural products. Therefore, the agricultural machinery sector is well developed. We aim to increase our exports by creating sectors on food which is a branch that will not end by developing this area as a region. We believe that other regions in our country will be successful in this area with the products in their geography, underground and aboveground resources.

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