Elevator Railway Overpass Work Continues in Sivas

TCDD 4. Regional Directorate and Sivas Municipality continues the construction of the stadium overpass and DSİ Viaduct Mayor Sami Aydın, TCDD Regional Director Hacı Ahmet Şener and Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Salim Kılıç found the inspections.

The work in the stadium overpass, which will meet an important need in our city, continues at full speed.

Mayor Sami Aydın made a statement on the subject and said stad We are examining the stadium overpass planned to open in November. We're here to talk about some issues such as elevator installation and staircases. Sivasspor and schools are a very important project for the region. We think it is a great need for our citizens to cross the road and the railway safely. Çalışma

Following the investigations at the stadium overpass, the delegation Karşıyaka and the DSI Viaduct which will connect the city to each other.



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