The transportation ordeal in Samsun's districts awaits a solution

Passengers traveling to the districts in Samsun from the center with the minibuses in the evening can not find a full return. Passengers complaining about this failure are waiting for a solution from the authorities.

From the center of Samsun Wednesday, Terme, Salıpazarı, 19 May districts in almost all districts providing transportation to the citizens of the evening 20 30: XNUMX hours to return to the center can not find the full. Passengers suffering from this problem, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality of SAMULAS connected to the light rail system and buses to enter these districts, waiting for qualified transportation. Thus, the victimization will disappear.

Songul Karaman, who had to make frequent trips due to his mother's illness from the center of Samsun, said that the victimization he suffered had almost become ordeal, and said, ann I am a private company employee. I have to go visit every week of the month because of my mother's illness. But every transformation leaves its place to torture. The vehicles that served as pre-occupied were no longer a special eutside. These buses do not work after 20: 30 in the evening. However, until late, it is necessary to buy at least one sentry vehicle. When we ask the authorities or the car drivers, they say that the fuel is expensive and that there are few passengers and that they do not carry passengers after these hours. When we try to call our right, 'Mazota we did raise the' they are entering the discussion. I'm late because of my special situation. Whoever the authorities are, they need to cure this problem. Because we are real victims. Çünkü

”NO POOR, MAZOT EXPENSIVE“ team asked the situation of the passengers who suffered from the traineeship, the Special Coach of the Association of the Association Oktay Gülkaya. President Gülkaya, adding that the fuel is expensive, X Wednesday Private Public Bus vehicles are waiting for the vehicle in the evening we wait until 20: 30 wait a vehicle. There are no passengers after those hours. Even if it's one or two passengers. This doesn't even cover the diesel burned by the car. Our vehicles are not minibuses but large vehicles. So there are a lot of fuel. For this reason, we suffer from our own grievances, Bu he said.

19 May also complains about the same trouble traders in the town of May. They say lar no passengers, fuel is expensive “. 19 Fevzullah Z., who lives in May and can not return to the center of Samsun after 20: 00, lashes at the dolmuşç a lot. Fevzullah Z., an They have been exploiting people for years. When the diesel was low, they were raising according to their heads. It's a weirdo again. In the evening, the citizen working as a shift worker will turn to what does not account for this. Always excuse no passengers an You keep your car, brother. Look, then the passenger will be out. Citizens will go to the center to the patient, to work, to have fun. Roads hitchhiking. Perhaps these people are doing it so that the fees are expensive. They still say no passengers. 4 What is TL? Isn't that a pity for the citizen? They've been crying for years because they don't have a citizen's exploitation and still no passengers. Yıl

Hasan G., who complained about the same problems in the town of Yakakent in Samsun, said: “Let the minibus drivers take the road and wait for the car. How many days can they last? The root of them must be etched. The fact that SAMULAŞ fixes trams and buses. Then look at the Taxis, how late they are. We're riding the minibuses with our own money, and the guys are doing afrae tafras as if they were free. The disabled citizen does not even have the chance to ride these vehicles. This helps SAMULAŞ resort. President Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz Duy Sesimizi 'buses are coming up to Taflan. Why Bafra'ya not go to Yakakent''he said.

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