Samsun Büyükşehir city takes 70 bus for public transport

While 3 items were discussed in the extraordinary Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, the planned "Forensic Medicine Area" was increased from 5 thousand m2 to 10 thousand m2 and passed through the parliament again.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council held an extraordinary session today. In the extraordinary meeting held in the meeting hall in the parliament building, 3 agenda items were discussed. In the assembly, which was gathered with three agendas, the items "Determination of the Forensic Medicine Area", "Sale of the land plot area" and "Reducing the annual visa taken from private public buses" were discussed. The items were first referred to the relevant commissions. The articles accepted in the commissions were then transferred to the parliament again. The 3 articles from the commission were accepted in the parliament and resolved.

The main reason for the assembly meeting was “The proposal to change the master plan and implementation zoning plan for the determination of 'Forensic Medicine area' within the borders of İlkadım Municipality and the reorganization of land use decisions” was read on the agenda. Staff from Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Department of Map Engineering, who gave information about the matter later, said, “There was an area of ​​5 square meters of Forensic Medicine in the plot to be used as a forensic medicine field. Right next to this area, there is the property of our municipality, which is 2 thousand 42 m517, which is owned by the municipality. Upon the request of the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, there was a need for replanning as the existing area of ​​2 square meters was insufficient. We went to renovation by combining our 5 thousand m2 area with the previously determined 5 thousand m2 area. There was also a property belonging to the Highways in the region. We got the opinion of the institution about them. Arrangements about it continue, ”they said.

Çakır: “The cases in Samsun were going to Trabzon”

Stating that the cases of Forensic Medicine in Samsun had to go to Trabzon, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Turan Çakır said, “The Ministry of Justice has been trying to make a Forensic Medicine Center, which has been on the agenda in Samsun for many years. This investment had not been brought to Samsun for a long time. When there were cases related to Forensic Medicine in Samsun, the cases had to go to Trabzon. The Ministry of Justice stated that the Samsun Chief Public Prosecutor's Office was on the agenda of the Forensic Medicine building with the application to our municipality, but we had to make the necessary arrangements. We have increased the area of ​​5 thousand m2 to 10 thousand m2 upon request. We gathered an extraordinary assembly to bring the Forensic Medicine building, which is very necessary for Samsun, to Samsun as soon as possible. With this decision, we want to speed things up. Just parliamentary decision is not enough. After the decision, we need to do the process by doing some operations. ”

Subsequent speeches were voted unanimously.

It was announced why the vehicle counting

Explaining why the vehicle counting is done almost everywhere in the city, Kadir Gürkan, Head of Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department said, “Samsun Transportation Master Plan has been made before. However, in the previous determinations, there was not such a vehicle and housing density. In that respect, our plan had to be updated. We started to work for this. You can see the people with a vest on the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality while counting the vehicle. These people do not only count vehicles, but also go to the houses. 'How did you get home today', 'How did you go to work in the morning?' They are trying to analyze public transportation methods by asking questions such as. These analyzes will also be done in the districts. After the field work is finished within 3 months, we will have a clear data about the urban transportation movement in Samsun by passing it through "modeling" and after the modeling phase. The work to be done on it will be turned into an action plan. ”

Getting the 70 bus

Expressing that many more buses will come to Samsun, Gürkan said:

“As Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, we saw a need in urban public transportation and approved the purchase of 70 buses by the decision of the assembly. Orders were placed from the State Materials Office. 23 of our buses have arrived. I want to share that 70 buses will serve our people in the public transportation area by the end of November. ”

In the Parliament, the sale of the land-qualified area was adopted by unanimous vote and the other two by unanimity.



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