14 Million Passing Vehicle 6 Million On Osmangazi Bridge

The number of vehicles passing through the Osmangazi Bridge in 12 per month did not even reach half the number of 14 million vehicles guaranteed. This causes the citizen to face heavy tax burdens.

Osmangazi Bridge hits the pocket of the citizen. According to the response given by CHP Istanbul Deputy Honorary Adıgüzel to the information request, the number of paid vehicles passing through Osmangazi Bridge, which was 2016 thousand in the period of July 2017-July 40, and 14 million 600 in the annual vehicle guarantee, remained at 6 million 159 thousand 685. .

According to the information given, Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir (including Izmit Gulf Crossing and connection roads) within the motorway Gebze-Orhangazi (including Osmangazi Bridge) in the motorway section 2016 194 776 117 XNUMX thousand thousands of income was reported.


In his statement to SÖZCÜ on the subject, CHP's Adıgüzel argued that, despite the reduced tolls, the vehicles crossing the bridge were far below the guaranteed number. Adıgüzel said:
'' The passing vehicle does not even cover half the number of guaranteed vehicles. The money of more than 8 million vehicles, which do not exceed, is again out of the pocket of the citizen. Besides, it is clear that despite the partial increases after the tolls were reduced in January, the citizens did not demand the bridge. In other words, the citizen pays for the service he does not demand from his pocket. ”


Emphasizing that a Diyarbakır citizen who has never been to Istanbul or Bursa in his life was also forced to pay the vehicle that did not pass through Osmangazi, Adıgüzel said, “You will pay even if you do not have a driver's license… Mega project perception is created, but the burden is on the citizens. Tax increases are now mentioned. The resources generated by the taxes of the people should be used for the benefit of the people, they should not be burdens, and should not be used to enrich the number of contractors and businessmen who cannot exceed ten fingers of one hand. This waste of resources will also be reflected in future generations, even our grandchildren will owe. ”


Stating that the passes are free in the first 15 days when the bridge was opened, Adıgüzel stated that the number of vehicles passed remained at 1 million 502 thousand, “The reduction of the toll fee and the extension of the holiday holidays did not work either. Citizen Osmangazi Bridge does not use as much as intended. They are trying to close the gap with an increase in Motor Vehicle Tax. The world talks about drivers driving with alternative energy sources, but we are transferring resources to the asphalt and the bridge. ”

Source : www.sozcu.com.tr



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