Emiralem Station

Özer Akdemir wrote to Evrensel Pazar: Thousands of dead tree trunks along the 40-kilometer railway to Manisa! Emiralem Station is naked ...

At the Emiralem Station, the 200 has a yearly plane. The thick body of a big man who could not be embraced by his arms was cut off from his full body. Beside it, there are dozens of trees that have been overthrown and rooted in the same way. He saw some old days, some youngsters, like seedlings!

Both sides of the railroad are full of stacked tree trunks. Branches separated from knots, peeled shells. The sun's on his forehead, he threw it in a row. The last trace of vitality left in the trees was requested.

Thousands of dead tree trunks along the 40 kilometer rail to Manisa! The station of Emiralem is naked. The tree is stuck in the middle of a sad desolation.

The next day, a yellow-haired dog wandered over the angry concrete of the Emiralem Station. Until two days ago, he tried to figure out where the dark shaded plane tree went and sat down. The shrubbery branches, with their leafy branches, which had reached the top of the railroad, giving a sweet coolness even in the scorching heat around, had disappeared.

After a while, he headed towards the coffee shop next to the station building. The only shady place is this coffee. In the middle of the coffee in the middle of a little more in the middle of the plane was not cut. Plastic tables were arranged around the trees. There were little booming sounds coming from the creaking tea cup, rattlesnake, paper-stealers who hit their hands on the table with the noise. Some murmurs, some loud, some laughter of laughter, laughing 20-30 man was sitting, sipping tea, coffee under the shade.

Tea from one of the tables, wrapped under the sycamore tea sugar was thrown to the dog. The dog came in full with tea sugar from his head. He sniffed, grasped the tongue from the floor and ate with seven dishes. While he was searching for others, he felt a wetness in his trunk and jumped up from the floor. Someone on the table behind him poured the juice in his glass onto the dog. The man was looking at the dog, who was leaping in fear, laughing out loud. Adam Don't bother with that pet, karşısında said a young man in a yellow harness sitting across from the table. "Next to the bottom of our feet, they are all flea bags," he said. She grinned his chair and pretended he was gonna roll it towards the dog. Da Nice welcome,… he said. The dog squeezed his tail between his legs and from there he drove away.

He stood in the open space in front of the station sign that he had been distracted by the sun. He called again the shadow of the plane. He saw the bottom of the tree cut a little, went to the tree, sniffed. There was a part of the wood at the height of a few feet from the ground. He made his urine on the cut root of the tree. Even though it wasn't a tree, it was still his field. He left his trail. When the midday sun began to burn down the bottom of its feathers again, the cure found refuge in the shade of a nearby two-storey building.

The man, who came out of the grocery store downstairs in the shadow of the dog's shelter, went to the place where the trees had been cut and when the plane, which was cut, was cut. Some of the remaining branches were still in the garden of the grocery store. ”Maybe 200 was an annual plane.“ I Moreover, it was outside the area where they wanted to expand the railway. They didn't look at the age of the plane and our eyes. The plane was cut when we came to open the shop D. He explained that thousands of more trees would be cut to extend the train from Menemen to Manisa. Üz Go now, you will see hundreds of thousands of cut trees, such as Gediz. I'm not counting more. They've marked them. A tree is growing easy. Like a child, trees. It is planted, becomes seedlings, grows young, grows, develops, and deeply rooted. This plane was part of this station, Emiralem. They killed! Within two minutes, the 200 ended the year. I'm so sorry! Çok You'd cry if you touched. The lines deepened by grief were immediately evident on the face of a man who had approached the horse. A large part of him was gone when the trunk of the plane tree fell to the ground.

Gediz was covered with a green moss cover in front of the irrigation collector at the exit of Emiralem Kır Köyü. The waters were flowing through the collector in a calm flow, bubbling from the other side of the set. On the bridge above the collector, he pointed out his hand and told that he was asked to build a stone quarry in the area covered with maquis. D We stopped it in my time, now they're back, “he said. Lar This is the agricultural paradise, the land where the most beautiful of the strawberry grows. The quarry finishes agriculture. Taş

Next to Emiralem Station, the dog laying in the shade of the wall, the dog straightened. He was hungry. Before he walked towards the butcher's head of the street, he looked up to the plane of the plane, with hope. He dreamed he was sleeping under the plane tree. There was no sycamore. He squinted down his ears and walked over into the street, his head shadowing ahead of the afternoon sun. Kul

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