Maintenance work in Bursaray

Due to the work to be carried out on the railway lines between Bursaray Osmangazi-Şehreküstü stations, transfer will be made from 14:20 until the end of operation on Saturday, October 30.

The passengers coming from Emek / university direction can make train / bus transfers at Kültürpark station and go to Şehreküstü station. Passengers traveling to Kestel / Arabayatağı can transfer to the train at Şehreküstü station.

Passengers arriving in Kestel / Arabayatağı route can take train / bus transfer from Şehreküstü station to Kültürpark station. The passengers who will continue to the direction of Emek / Üniversite can transfer to the train at Kültürpark station.



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