New York subway picks up cards

The City of New York is moving to the new turnstile system, which allows smartphones and credit cards in the entire public transport network of the city from next year. Old cards will be retired in 2023

New card readers will be established in New York City from next year on all bus and metro stations.

Thanks to the contactless technology, credit cards, especially payment systems of smart phones, can also be used in public transportation. 573 million dollars out of the municipality's vault for infrastructure.

The New York City Directorate of Transport (MTA), which is planning to modernize the city's old metro system, will thus use invalid cards and so on. aims to get rid of the problems and accelerate the turnstile transition.

As it is to be remembered, Hillary Clinton had a hard time in the presidential campaign last week trying to enter the New York subway.

The new system that allows phone and credit card usage is expected to be implemented at the end of 2018. Old metro cards will be in use until 2023. It is also expected that the new system will be installed at 2020 in all turnstile and stops in the city.

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