New arrangement on the nostalgic tramway of Istanbul Caddesi

Düzce Province Chairman of the AK Party Hikmet Keskin and Duzce Mayor Duzce Ay, the ongoing projects in Düzce, handed to the project. The harmony of the two presidents did not escape.

Dursun Ay, who has been sitting in the seat of Düzce Municipality last week, closely follows the projects and works. Dursun Ay Mayor of the AK Party Düzce Province Hikmet Keskin in the presence of consultations within the consultations did not run. The two Presidents were walking around Düzce streets and exchanged views about the ongoing projects while talking to both tradesmen and citizens.

Dursun Ay, the Mayor of Düzce, said that he had given instructions to make a new arrangement regarding the nostalgic tram route when he examined the works carried out by the Transportation Directorate on site. Dursun Ay, the Mayor of Düzce, previously removed the glass wall and security door in front of the Mayor.

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