Bridge doubled real estate prices in Canakkale

Real estate activity and square meter prices in Gelibolu Sütlüce and Lapseki Şekerkaya, where the bridge legs continue to increase its attractiveness for investors, are expected to increase further as the completion date of the project approaches.

I According to the data, 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which will carry the title of being the biggest bridge in the world, is expected to add value to the entire Marmara Region when it is completed. In the study, the bridge is expected to provide economic vitality in Çanakkale in general, it will increase the social life together with the population to concentrate in the region is expressed. 3 thousand 869 meters long bridge is also expected to contribute to the commercial life of the Aegean, especially Izmir. While the bridge, which will be completed in 2023, has an impact on the real estate sector, it is emphasized that this activity will continue.

100 price increase

I According to the advertisements on the construction of bridges at the beginning of land prices 20 times, housing prices increased by 4 times Çanakkale, continues to speed up attracting the attention of investors. Housing prices are also considered on the basis of square meters, 500 pounds around the project before the prices of up to thousand pounds 2 is seen. Müge Seymen, General Manager of, who made an evaluation on the subject, says that sayesinde there are still opportunities to be evaluated in the flooded region thanks to the project that multiplies the value of real estate in each category on the bridge and highway route ”.

I According to the data, 10 percent of the active ads in and around Çanakkale are for sale, while 80 is for rent, while 10 is followed by XNUMX.

Source : www.milliyet

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