The technical fault in Marmaray has been fixed! Journeys returned to normal

Due to the technical malfunction caused by the breaking of the catenary wire in Marmaray, the flights stopped at 15,20 returned to normal starting from 17.10.

It was stated that the trips were made intermittently due to the power cut that occurred due to the breaking of the catenary wire of the bucket on the truck passing through the road near the Ayrılık Çeşmesi station in Marmaray from TCDD.

In the statement made by the TCDD regarding the malfunction in Marmaray, “Today at 14.20 hours in Marmaray, the scoop removed the catenary wire on the truck passing by the highway near Ayrılık Çeşmesi station. Marmaray flights were stopped at 15.20 due to power cut. As of 16.00:17, Marmaray train services have been restarted and the intermittently continues. Marmaray trains continue their flights without any interruption, starting from 10:10, with 10-minute intervals and XNUMX-car series. ” information was given.

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