Important Signature for Electric Buses in Manisa

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and Manisa Organized Industrial Zone in the 2018 electric bus project to be started in the Organized Industrial Zone on the establishment of charging stations was signed protocol.

Manisa Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergun and Manisa Organized Industrial Zone (MOSB) Chairman of the Board of Directors Sait Cemal Türek signed the protocol to start the implementation of the electric bus project in the 2018 charging stations were connected to the protocol. Under the protocol, the construction of charging stations will be undertaken by Manisa Organized Industrial Zone.

Bir Part of this change “
Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa, gave information about the protocol after the signature ceremony and said içinde In the recent days in Manisa, we had a request from MOSB for the construction of charging stations of existing vehicles within the OIZ. In an area determined by them, both the building and the allocation of the building and the construction of the building will be done by MOSB. I would like to thank to everyone who contributed to the Manisas. Approximately 2 million liras on the building and the location of the building to be made great contributions. What is important is that Manisa is a part of the change at the point of decisions we make with the Manisa center in order to relieve the people more quickly and traffic. I would like to express my gratitude to MOSB Chairman Sait Cemal Türek at the point of making an area of ​​thousand 600 square meters at the point of transporting the people to MOSB and carrying the vehicles out of here or over time.

“We are in their investments“
The MOIZ Chairman Said Jamal Türek Manisa Organized recalling that among Turkey's example industrial zones Industrial Zone, "50, which employs more than a thousand, a team hardship besides the economic value added in relation to the city is on the agenda. In particular, how we can produce solutions in the field of transportation in our meetings with the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of our municipality, as an environmentally-friendly electric bus project MOSB we feel ourselves indebted to our city. Surely, what they do, ours may be of the greatest extent. We, as a stakeholder here, have shown that we are on their side despite their investments and we really want to contribute to the solution production. In our service support areas in our region, we have allocated an area of ​​approximately 8 thousand square meters to the use of our municipality as the parking area where these vehicles can park and the charging station center of approximately 1700 square meters. God bless the good luck to Manisa, "he said.

Protocol Signatures Presidents Presents
After the speeches, MOBS Chairman Advisor Nihat Akyol, MOSB Manager Funda Karaboran, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department President Mümin Deniz, the MOSB Board Chairman Sait Cemal Türek and Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün signed the protocol.



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