Cable car being built in Malatya

The project of project design of the stations for the Teleferic Project by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality has started.

Malatya's '50 annual dream' and the city center from the TOKİ summit to reach the peak of the project will be established for the ropeway of the station and project design tender was made. Thanks to the project to be activated, a tourist will be following a significant part of the city after an 15-20 ropeway journey.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, the project as the first step of the project for the tender of the stations. According to the tender, the project will be completed at the end of the year.

Ahmet Çakır, Mayor of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, said, ından The cable car project leaves the perimeter of the cableway, it goes down to Kernek from Fuzuli Street and goes to TOKİ. We will do two stages of TOKİ. It will also be for passenger transport purposes. Both tourism and prestige project and passenger transportation purposes. On the basis of making the Beydağı slopes is to connect the ropeway with the trambus. People will ride from the Beydağı hillside to the ropeway and take the trampos on the perimeter. Asında If he got on from the university or if he rode elsewhere in the city, he would pass them free of charge to those areas. Ünivers

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