Malatya's Environment-Friendly Trambus System Report Published

A report on the Trambus System launched in Malatya in March

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transport and Public Transport Services published by the General Directorate of Motas in the Trambus activity report compared to diesel-powered vehicles in the environment and the economy of our province were shared. The carbon released by the diesel engine vehicles and the emission of zero-emission Trambus vehicles are reflected in the report.

In the report, when the same number of passengers were transported by diesel vehicles, the number of trees needed to be eradicated from nature was also given. In other words, the number of trees saved the life of the Trambus System has been given and the Trambus System has been emphasized as environmentally friendly.

for the first time it stated that the statistical data obtained by the pros largely foreseen for TRAMBUS System implemented in Malatya in Turkey as follows:



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