Konya YHT Station Will Revive The Region! So what will be the traffic problem?

When the High Speed ​​Train Station enters service, it will attract investment in the region. The density in this region will increase significantly. In this context, vehicle traffic will increase.

A modern High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Station is being built in the Old Wheat Market area of ​​Selcuklu district of Konya. Due to the problems related to expropriation, YHT Station, which is expected to be built for a long time, is seen as an important investment for Konya. The new garage, built in the middle of the area known as the Old Industry, the Old Wheat Market and the Old Shoemakers, is expected to be finished in the middle of 2018. Also Adnan Menderes Hali is located on the left side of the construction of the garage. The new gar is built in an area where traffic flows will be intense. A road from the town of Meram to this region or airport was passing through the site of the construction site. Due to the construction work, this road began to cross the old wheat market. It is stipulated that this road will remain intact when the garage is finished. New investments will be made in this region. The traffic density will increase significantly here. It is thought that this road, which is used by trucks that lower the load alongside the narrow and gar, cannot lift the traffic density. In this context, it is suggested that the underpass will relieve serious traffic.


Some citizens who voiced their suggestions on the subject said, “If anyone remembers the old state of this region, he knows how busy the traffic was in those years. After the Old Shoemakers and the Old Wheat Market were moved, this density naturally decreased here. But there is still a density due to its structure in the center of the city and its location next to the industry. The road passing by the construction of the new station has already started to intensify. Even now it barely handles traffic. This road resembles a town road. When a citizen from Meram district comes to this region, he easily passes to the airport area. This will become even more difficult when the new Station enters service. Building an underpass here would be an investment that sees the future. Asking the authorities to do a research here and an underpass to this area. kazanWe recommend that they climb.” says.


With the introduction of YHT station, the future of new investments is known. When the expropriation of the former Kunduracılar Bazaar is over, the region will become an important area of ​​Konya. In the following years, when the expropriation of the old industry expires, the region will become more crowded. Although the necessary plans are already made for the future, the lack of a vehicle underpass is already being seen. The overpass is said to make the traffic flow more difficult, while the underpass will be more functional in this framework. Traffic infrastructure for the region in the future to create a future traffic problem can be saved.

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