İzmirim Card Uploading Is Very Easy With Internet

Izmirim cards, over the internet, mobile phones are also installed

It is possible to load all Izmirim cards used in Izmir public transportation systems by credit card directly from the internet without searching any loading point. www.izmirimkart.com.t is address with a mobile phone or with other devices. https://www.izmirimkart.com.tr/tr/IzmirimkartTLYukleme/109 You can download online by clicking the link. Uploads made via credit card to Izmirim Card via internet are automatically activated in 1 hours after the payment process.

Minimum 1 TL maximum 100 TL loading can be done, before filling https://www.izmirimkart.com.tr/tr/BakiyeSorgulama/109 It is also possible to access the balance information from the link.

Credit card loading over the internet, which is a very practical and easy way for İzmirim card users who do not have easy access to box office and filling machines or who do not want to lose time there, is becoming an option preferred by more and more passengers.



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