Istanbul Preparing for Winter

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality held a winter preparation meeting within the scope of the struggle against winter conditions. Disaster Coordination Center in the meeting held in the preparations were discussed throughout Istanbul.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to spend the winter months smoothly and to continue the normal course of city life. Winter preparatory evaluation meeting was held at IMM Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM).

İBB Deputy Secretary General Mevlüt Bulut and Dr. Headed by Çağatay Kalkancı, Fire Department, Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination, Support Services, Rail Systems, Police, Food and Livestock, Health Departments, AKOM, White Table and other related directorates, İETT, İSKİ, İGDAŞ, İSTAÇ, İSFALT, Metro İstanbul companies, Provincial Police Department, General Directorate of Highways and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and ring road operator İCA company representatives attended.

It was stated that all units will work in a coordinated manner, but that the citizens' support will also make life easier. In particular, the introduction of the use of winter tires came to the fore.


During the meeting, the activities to combat snow-ice and ponding that are likely to be in winter were discussed. Providing information on winter preparations of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination, 1347 vehicles and construction machinery 7000 personnel will work with the winter shifts in three shifts said. 7 thousand 373 km route network in Istanbul, 363 intervention point was prepared for winter.

To be used on rural roads, the headmen will be given tractors with chauffeurs fitted with 145 snow cutters. 6 SNOW TIGER will support highways and airport cure shoveling works when necessary. IMM teams will make vehicle reinforcement to Highways teams when necessary.


48 towing cranes will be kept ready for 24 hours at critical points of Anatolia and European side to intervene in the traffic that is closed due to vehicle accidents and shifts. 31 barracks will be served to prevent any problems on the Metrobus route.

43 critical point will be monitored with BEUS (Icing Early Warning System) within the scope of winter fighting. was established. While the 15 BEUS system and traffic control cameras are ready for use for Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and surrounding roads, additional precautions have been taken. Salt bags (10 thousand tons) will be left for citizens to use at critical points and junctions throughout Istanbul.


The combat activities will be carried out under AKOM coordination. The vehicles will be made in the designated routes of the snow shoveling and road opening, the existing vehicle tracking system will be followed by AKOM, if necessary, vehicles will be directed to other regions.

Collecting centers were planned for the orphans living on the street. Police, police and ambulances will be collected after the health check of citizens collected. District Municipalities will bring homeless citizens identified in their districts to the guesthouses of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

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