Train Passed Under Grandfather's Grandfather's Bridge

  1. Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid Han's grandson of the prince Orhan Osmanoglu visited the town of Bilecik Osmaneli.

Mayor of Osmaneli Münür Şahin welcomed Şehzade Orhan Osmanoğlu under the historical train bridge and the Hejaz Railway built by his grandfather. The prince visited the Osmaneli district with a group of 45.

Şehzade Orhan Osmanoğlu; He said that he was delighted to be in Osmaneli which is the Turkish city without interruption since the year 1075. He promised that he would visit Osmaneli as soon as possible with other princes.

Mayor Munur Sahin; Thanks to Cemil Şahin and his assistant for the organization of this visit. Stating that he was pleased with Orhan Osmanoğlu's visit, he presented a new plaque and a plaque for Osmaneli.



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