The most wanted port and the most preferred container operator in September

The results of September Container Transport Rhythm Survey published in August were published. With this research, Cntracking examines the effects of sectoral and non-sectoral developments on container transport. The results of the research are based on the analysis of anonymous data from platform users.

Container Transport Rhythm Survey, published free of charge at the end of each month, contains important statistics generated in September of 2017 by compiling the anonymous data of 11.355 sessions opened by different users. The main findings of the study are the main headings including the Shipowner's Choice of Users, Transit Time Based Accessibility Assessment of Turkish Ports, Most Wanted Routes and Cntracking Intra-Trade Volume.

In September, the most preferred container shipowner is MAERSK! One of the most remarkable developments in the September report for Container Transport Rhythm Survey was the rise of Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd on the list. Maersk increased the preferred 3,41 ratio to% 16,90 to exceed 1 and passed the MSC to 5,32. While Hapag-Lloyd bought UASC, the 3 passed COSCO and CMA CGM by increasing the rate of preference by% XNUMX. made it happen.

Another remarkable point in September was that the 5 drop rate of shipowners other than the largest 10 shipowner was down by% XNUMX. This decline; mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships can be cited as evidence that small shipowners have a negative impact.

In September Turkey's Top Search for Port of Aqaba (Jordan)! The port of Aqaba, which is lower in August, became the most sought-after port of September with an increase of% 0,28. The most dramatic change in September took place on Qatar routes. The Qatari crisis clearly affected the calls in August. In September, the impact of the crisis decreased in Qatar last month call and Mersin-Turkey Output Doha route in the first row but 5. He found a place for himself.

From a global perspective, Algeria (Algeria) - Durrës (Albania) rose to the first place with an increase of 0,39% in the most searched routes in September. This route was followed by Jebel Ali (UAE) - Umm Kasr (Iraq) and Thessaloniki (Greece) - Hamburg (Germany).

Trade Volume According to Cntracking Data Highest 5 Country Announced! Cntracking unused only in the 9 country where countries such as Greenland, Svalbard, North Korea and South Sudan are located; 5 international trade largest country in Turkey, Russia, China, India and Germany, as announced.

Trading volume was the highest with 6,01% of China-Turkey route. The second route through Turkey and the UK rate xnumx'lük%, while 4,4. China-Iran route with 3 ratio took place. Turkey's total trade volume in these five countries the 4,22% of the total while creating a stand-alone, also constitutes 39% of all container traffic.

Cntracking Assessed Transit Time Based Accessibility of Turkish Ports! In this analysis, Cntracking shows the minimum and maximum transit times measured on the basis of selected routes from Turkish ports. In some routes, significant differences are observed in transit times between shipowner, port density or weather conditions. According to the data, the minimum 27 days were measured while the transit time of the İzmir-Aqaba route was measured in maximum 15 days in September. This difference is the highest difference in the Cntracking route list. Istanbul-Chittagong and Istanbul-Aqaba routes are the transit time differences. Aliaga-Jebel Ali route difference between 11 and the downturn between the ports of Izmit-Port Sudan transit time remained.

Container Transport Rhythm Survey


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