Experts reacted to piles in the Golden Horn for the tram line

On the bank of the Golden Horn, the pile works for the tram line on the 900 meter area are feared to damage historical monuments. In the meantime, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which carried out the work, did not come

He continues to comment on the news that HABERTÜRK has been making headlines for two days, "Pile to Haliç after the Bosphorus" and "The historical texture of the Golden Horn was once again damaged". According to the news of Can Mete from the newspaper Habertürk, the piles crashed into the sea for the Eminönü-Alibeyköy tram line, which is approximately 900 meters between Feshane and Eyüp Anatolian High School, are reacting on the grounds that they have damaged the natural landscape of the Golden Horn and damaged the historical monuments in the region.


İstanbul Gelişim University, Head of Interior Architecture Department, Architect Asst. Assoc. Dr. Erdal Eren:

“From the past to the present, we have failed to hold such an important city. The chain of errors that started with Sultan Abdülaziz, who was the first sultan to pass the railway in front of the outer walls of the Topkapı Palace, continued with the filling of Sirkeci-Florya to provide access to the Florya Sea Pavilion. Today, the events in the Golden Horn are the results of a long-standing understanding. There are many historical legacies and structures such as the Grand Vizier Hüsrev Pasha Tomb, Sultan Reşad Tomb, Ebussuut İmam Hatip Secondary School in the region where the piles are crashed. The coastal areas where the stakes are stuck do not only disrupt the coastal structure, but also threaten the historical fabric. Pile driving for people's transportation will have a negative impact on pedestrian traffic in the region. To fill the beach means to move away from the sea. It is not right to play with the texture of the city in such historical places Bu.


Korhan Gümüş, Head of the Architect and Human Settlements Association:

Ir It is necessary to consider Eyüp Sultan as a complex in its entirety. Therefore, every intervention should be discussed. Firstly, it is very wrong to consider the project as a transportation project. This approach is against urbanism. Transport and cultural heritage should be considered as a whole. Istanbul is not an ordinary city; Intervention in the protected areas is, above all, a crime. Of course, a number of tenders can be made, but expert opinions must be taken. While the metro bridge was built to the Golden Horn, no one received any opinions. However, the problem could be solved with a very simple design. The ground surveys in the area show that the Golden Horn has a moving surface. If it wasn't, they'd be on the way to filling with rock. They are aware of the weakness on the ground since the piling is done. The interventions in this type of area pressures to another region. It is unthinkable that piling does not affect the environment. Responsible people need to stop work immediately. Eyüp Sultan is a universal legacy that should be handled by independent institutions. Where is the chairman of İstanbul Field Management? There are a lot of incidents in Topkapı, Süleymaniye and the Golden Horn. Does Istanbul not own? It is tragic and absurd to make such attempts without talking about the subject in scientific terms. It is owned by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which is responsible for damaging the area where all liability protection is required.

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