Metro Exit from CHP Kocaeli Deputy Akar!

CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar's proposal in the Parliament agenda in the Gulf was the sea pollution.

Speaking at the parliament where the research proposal on Marmara Sea and pollution was discussed, CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, referring to the increasing pollution in Kocaeli, said, “You have cancer of Kocaeli's air, water, soil. In the end, you could not resist, you managed to get cancer the people living in Kocaeli. The problems in Kocaeli have grown like avalanches and these problems continue to increase ”.

While Akar spoke about Kocaeli's problems for 5 minutes at the parliamentary rostrum, the following statements were also found; “For one thing, I will not say 'You betrayed Kocaeli' but you have cancer of Kocaeli's air, you have cancer of Kocaeli's water, you have cancer of Kocaeli's land, you have cancer of Kocaeli's sea; In the end, you couldn't bear it, you managed to get the citizens of Kocaeli and the living people cancer. "

Mites example that other urban metro projects in his speech, "I think that a city of Kocaeli, the non-metro urban Although Turkey has the smallest surface area. Can you imagine that he is the Ministry of Transport in Istanbul, the Ministry of Transport in Ankara, and a Metropolitan in Izmir. it's kilometers in Izmir, while 56 million cost of 140 million in Istanbul, costing 90 million in Ankara but although the biggest problem is the traffic of the city that most taxes in Turkey, unfortunately, we do not have a subway, "he said.

Addressing the Deputies of the Power in Kocaeli, Akar said, “Let's fight together, let's get the metro in Kocaeli. We need a 50-kilometer subway. Kocaeli needs a subway. Do we deserve this? We deserve it, right? Why do we deserve it? Because Turkey is the 2nd most taxpayers we are not, it is not giving the 2nd most tax. Look, let us pay 1 tenth of the tax we pay in just one year, we handle the subway, the 50-kilometer subway. "We cannot deal with Izmir prices, with Istanbul, we cannot do it with Ankara, because the cost of 56 million kilometers in Izmir, 140 million in Istanbul and 90 million in Ankara, if we take the necessary initiatives, we can bring this service to my city altogether."

While Akar requested support for his motion, the AK Party votes were rejected despite opposition parties' yes votes.

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