Bursa Press at Kardemir

Press members from Bursa, who participated in the Karabük tour organized by the Karabük Journalists and Communicators Association and the Bursa Karabük Association, visited Kardemir A.Ş. Bursa Karabük People Association President Türkan Polat, Kocaeli Karabükler Association Vice President Şeref Karakaya, Karabük Journalists and Communicators Association President Osman Çetinkaya, as well as approximately 25 people from the Bursa press attended the visit.

Welcomed at the Kardemir Education and Culture Center, the directors of the association and the press members watched the introductory film that shed light on the 80-year history of Kardemir and then listened to the Kardemir anthem. The presentation describing the position of Kardemir in the Turkish and world iron and steel industry and the sector was shared with the participants by Onur Erkara, Marketing Manager of our company. Presentations at 1,6 billion tons of world attention by the Chinese of almost half of crude steel production in Turkey is about 34 million tons of production with the world's 8th indicating that the largest steel producer Kardemir Marketing Manager Onur Erkara, according to Kardemir's economies of scale He said that they somehow increased their production. In this context, Erkara said that since 2010 he has made an investment of approximately 1,1 billion $ and that the increasing production has directed products with high added value, “In Kardemir, the entire production process from coke and sinter plants to blast furnaces and steel mills, from rolling mills to energy facilities has been completely renewed and today Our actual production has reached 2,4 million tons since then. Our company, which is the only national brand in our country's rail production, will be the only producer of our country in this field with the completion of the railway wheel production facility, which is still being assembled.

Onur Erkara, who opened a special paragraph to Çubuk Coil Rolling Mill, which was commissioned last year in its presentation, has produced low and high carbon steels, prestressed concrete steels, high alloy steels, bearing steels, automat steels, spring steels, welding wires and bolts in this rolling mill with a capacity of 700.000 tons / year. He noted that fasteners and special bar steels can be produced for the production of nuts and that these products are of great importance especially for the automotive and machinery manufacturing industry. In his speech, Erkara emphasized that Bursa is the most important production base of our country in the automotive and machine manufacturing industry, “In our Rod Kangal Rolling Mill, steels suitable for the production of rubber wire (Tire Cord) especially needed by the automotive sector and fasteners (bolts, nuts etc.) will be produced. In this respect, companies operating in Bursa, especially in the automotive and machinery manufacturing sectors, are the potential customers of Kardemir. Stating that the automotive and machinery manufacturing sectors are the main sectors of Bursa's economy, Erkara noted that Bursa industrialists still meet these high value-added products with imports, and that the new steel qualities to be produced in Kardemir will provide both delivery and price advantages to the Bursa industrialist.

Kardemir Marketing Manager Onur Erkara presented the first Turkish iron mattress to Bursa Karabüklüler Association President Türkan Polat and Kocaeli Karabüklüler Association Vice President Şeref Karakaya, in memory of their visit, while Kocaeli Karabüklüler Association President Şeref Karakaya presented a historical photograph of the founding years of Karabük. presented to our company.

The visit ended with a technical trip to the Kardemir rod and the Kangal Rolling Mill.



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