New Regulation on Highway Transportation

Terrorist measures are coming to highway transportation. Bus tickets will be taken by ID number, like airplanes. X-Ray devices will be placed in the bus terminal entrances and exits. Tickets to the road will be cut. The company does not obey the rules also have severe penalties for the company

Entering a stable period in the fight against terrorism, the government has started an active process with all its elements. Security measures are increased for the public transportation vehicles used by the members of the terrorist organization. In this context, the bus system will now be implemented at the bus terminal. In the current application, only the name and surname are asked when the ticket is issued. With the new app, the sale of ID tickets will be prevented. TC ID number on the tickets will be processed. With the common software developed by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Transport, the common database and the smart handheld devices to be included in the buses, all tickets sold will be matched with the TC ID numbers.

Tickets will not be sold to the citizens who do not provide the TC ID number. On boarding buses, just like airplanes, tickets and IDs will be checked one by one. The bus company, which does not report the passenger TC over the existing infrastructure, will be evaluated within the scope of illegal passenger transportation and the company will be fined between 150 and 600 TL. If the situation is repeated three times, the travel document of the company will be canceled. The ticket sales in the bus will also be made with smart handsets, as the infrastructure of some bus terminals is not suitable and 20% of the citizens who are already traveling are getting on the road. Information with the device will instantly go to the database of the Ministry of the Interior. Citizens who give wrong identity information will be fined up to 250 TL. Supervision of all processes will be carried out by road control stations established in cooperation with the Gendarmerie and the General Directorate of Security. The implementation is envisaged to be implemented within a year.

Stating that the talks with the sector have been held for a long time for the infrastructure of this project, which is carried out within the scope of the fight against terrorism, Mustafa Yıldırım, the President of the Federation of All Buses (TOF), said, "I put the passenger on the bus now, I counted the heads, it's over, let's go." Stating that the control will start from the bus terminals in the fight against terrorism, Yıldırım said: “Two separate control points will be created at the bus terminal entrances and exits, just like at the airports. Those who come to see off the passengers will be secured but will not be able to enter the second point. Passengers will get on the bus by showing their identity card and ticket as in the aircraft. ”

Explaining that work is also being carried out for bus baggage, Yıldırım said that people will be matched with the baggage as in the aircraft. Yıldırım said, "We use this system in international buses, and we want to implement it at home." Stating that every passenger's baggage will be passed through the X-Ray device and will have a luggage number, Yıldırım said, “Currently, there are X-Ray devices from Kocaeli Bus Terminal. This will happen at every bus station. In the future, we will start to match the baggage as in the aircraft. The baggage of those who get on the road will be searched with top scanning devices, ”he said.

That over a thousand ways of transferring approximately 20 percent of passengers in Turkey Lightning, tickets for the bus in the smart handset segment will be necessary to have passed. "With the new system, both the informal economy will be prevented and the fight against terrorism will become stronger," said Yıldırım.

Source: (Sabah



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