Bozankayadestination annual 500 bus exports in Turkey

Bozankaya2's electric bus SILEO is on display in Europe. Chairman of the Board Aytunç Günay, 2018 in 200, 2018'da 500'da said they aim to export bus.

Bozankaya The second generation of domestic electric buses, produced by the company, one of the most important organizations in the industry in the city of Kortrijk Busworld Europe 2017 Fair showcased. Bozankaya Aytunç Chairman Gunay, Turkey stated that the first generation of the bus and see significant demand in Europe, in the year 2018 200, 2018 In the 500 said they aimed to export buses.

Bozankaya, 4 hourly charge 400 kilometer mileage 2 generation electric bus SILEO'yu in Kortrijk, Belgium, presented at Busworld Europe 2017 Fair. 10-12-18 and 25 meters with different lengths of 4 meters attracted great interest by the participants and the passenger capacity of the buses varies between 75 and 232. The bus, which is charged at approximately 4 per hour, can go uninterrupted up to 400 kilometers.

Answering the questions of the WORLD Bozankaya Aytunç Chairman Gunay, Turkey said that the first generation of buses used in 2.5 years, loved by municipalities, said they won the entire tender 7 made so far. Initially 4-5 quantity of 20'li 30'li purchase quantities indicating that the number of packages that increase Aytunç Günay, it also proved the quality of the brand said.

Aytunç Günay underlined that the biggest goal of the next period is exportation and that 9 still serves in different cities in Germany and the demands in this sense continue to come. The next year, 200, 2019 500 bus in the foreseen that they plan to sell Gunay, the share of exports in the sales of 50 said they plan to be.
“Saves serious fuel“

municipalities using buses in Turkey, happy to share their by demand also rises that Aytunç underlined Gunay, although the initial cost is high, the decrease in fuel consumption and maintenance costs that these buses to the fore and municipalities also told that they have to realize that family pays for itself within a short period of time the vehicle.
Municipalities receive grants in Europe

Zero emissions and noise, with buses running Pointing out that the major contribution to the environment Günay said the sales figures will rise even more if it is supported on the purchase of municipalities in Turkey. Municipalities abroad, underlining that grant support in this regard Aytunç Gunay, "If we reach Turkey in subsidies to these sales figures taken into consideration, I think the number will increase further given incentives," he said.

In the fair they attended before, only a few companies were producing electric bus, while they saw that many companies are currently in the prototype production stage. Günay said that the future is on the electric bus and that the companies are now investing in this direction.

Günay, "These rivals, but more prototype, while dealing with, we passed the second generation buses," he said. BozankayaAytunç Günay, who has knowledge of electric buses as well as serious production capability in rail systems, said that they realized successful production with the integration of two systems.

Günay said that the battery technology developed day by day and the range went from 250 to 400 kilometers. In 2019, Günay shared his goals of bringing his own metro vehicles to the tracks with his own brands.

In this context, 75 engineers are employed in the R & D units emphasizing Aytunç Günay, so that they constantly renew themselves by renewing said.

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