T-Plate Comes to Taxis in Bilecik

Bilecik City Council in October in the ordinary meeting, the taxi driver's trades 'T' plate to implement the work and procedures to carry out the mayor and municipal council was authorized.

According to the decision taken unanimously, Bilecik Municipality, 'M' plate, such as minibuses 'T' plate will be auctioned. New lines will be created by protecting the rights and lines of existing tradesman tradesmen.

Mayor Selim Yağcı, who made statements on the subject, mentioned the advantages of the government to the tradesmen of the 'T' plate and stated that they wanted to implement the application as soon as possible in order to benefit from these incentives.

The transfer of the necessary negotiations with the tradesman Cabinet President Yağcı said, ın Our taxi drivers want T plate application. We need to create new lines for the new bus station and high-speed train station. We need to do a study on the protection of the lines and rights of our existing taxi drivers. We currently have 43 taxis, we have made the necessary negotiations with them. There are lines that we will rebuild. We had previously received the T plate right for 100 taxi. We will make a separate tender for our existing taxi drivers according to the number to be specified by our council and our mayor and we will make new tenders to the 10 yearbook in accordance with the volume of new lines by creating new new lines. Our taxi drivers will wear the T plate. Imiz

The agenda item on the issue was adopted unanimously.

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Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:26

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