Tradesmen's Practice Begins in Public Transportation in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality to benefit from the peaceful and comfortable public transportation of the public, consisting of academics and experts in the study of Transportation Master Plan team, by adding new lines and increasing the number of flights emerged that the need for a new vehicle in public transportation.

Thereupon, the Metropolitan Municipality, 12 meter 100 meter, 8.5 meter 50 meter, 5.5 meter 50 meter, 200 meter purchase has started to purchase the vehicle. However, the Antalya Chamber of Busmen Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Antalya residents do not need a new vehicle to move peaceful and comfortable, the existing vehicles claimed that the service can be provided to the people of Antalya.

On top of that, Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel, by listening to the voice of the trades, planning all kinds of routes, such as arranging the frequency of flights applications according to the proposal from the Chamber of Craftsmen Tradesmen and Artisans explained.

President Türel said that he hoped Antalya would be pleased with this practice and Chamber President Yasin Arslan thanked Türel for listening to the voice of the tradesmen.

The Chamber of Craftsmen Tradesmen and Craftsmen presented its proposal to the Transportation Department. The plan proposed by the artisans to solve the problems in Antalya's public transportation (16 OCTOBER MONDAY) is being implemented today. Now itinerary and frequency of travel, as determined by the transport trades will take place. With the experience of transportation trades, it is expected to produce solutions to complaints about public transportation.

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