CHP's allegation of corruption for the 3rd airport

CHP Deputy Chairman of the Economy Aykut Erdoğdu, 3'uncu airport construction due to irregularities in the 4,5 billion euros were put into the pocket of the company, said: "To give these favors 850 £ stolen from the pocket of each household," he said.

In his speech due to his censure on Transport Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, CHP stated that the TCA reports were full of irregularities regarding the Ministry of Transportation. The CHP did not fulfill its legal responsibility in the tenders and condemned the public damages. “For example, although the Bursa-Yenişehir railway project has only finished 15 percent, 96 percent of the project price has been paid to the contractor firm, Erd said Erdoğdu.

“Corruption in public procurement has become a threat to our economic independence. Since there is no corruption in open tenders, most of the tenders have been returned to tenders with bargaining invitations. Tenders are divided. High-cost, auctions are completed, the supply tender is done for the tender received low. In this way, the work to be made to the 1 lira comes to the 5 lira. ”

The biggest of these corruption “perhaps the biggest construction corruption seen in the history of the world is the 3'inci airport Erd Erdoğdu said,“ The tender 22 billion 152 million euros plus VAT, the total of approximately five 26 billion 'pool gang' was given. There were three main issues that determined the competition: First, how much above sea level; second, operating time; Thirdly credit, guarantee and demand conditions. Corruption has taken place in all three. ”

3 May 2013'te tender should be signed a month later, the contract was delivered exactly two years later, Erdogan said the following views:

Bakanlığı The Ministry of Forestry has not given permission. Didn't one of the same Government's ministries allow the other? No, nothing like that. If you look at the total tender price for two more years, if we write down 1 billion euros every year on behalf of the public, 2 is to take the billion euros out of the people's pocket and put them in the pocket of these contractors. That's not all. But there is also something we call the jeans difference. The airport should be built 90 meters above sea level. 4,5-5 has an earthmoving cost of around billion euros. After the tender, 90 meter jeans were reduced to 30 meter. This means a reduction in construction costs of 2,5 billion euros. Now, they say: 'The ground is rotten, you need to put a rock here,' they come down and bring the public down to 2,5 billion euros. So you have unfairly put 4,5 billion euros in the pocket of those pooling contractors at the third airport, the world's largest construction corruption. ”

Erdoğdu stressed that many corruption in all areas, "This billion euros 4,5 200 euros per household in Turkey means playing each family, so 850 pounds. That means 250-300 lira per person. From each individual 250-300 pounds per capita in Turkey, wife, children, women, elderly, east, taken from the pocket of 250-300 pounds than anyone in Thrace, with only a corruption pen means stolen 250-300 TL, "he said .

Erdoğdu pointed out that the TCA reports were filled with irregularity determinations to the brim and said, “The SAI's hand is trembling. He wrote corruption to save himself, he can't do it. Well, if there is a need to go to the court? No. Companies and some bureaucrats that Turkey is in a corruption case came to know of paradise. The end of this is collapse. There is no such thing as metal fatigue. There is decay and deterioration in these things you know. We're facing a rotten order. The hand of Bethlehem's property is extended. Erek



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