Aksaray - Ulukışla Railway project begins

The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) will start the Aksaray Ulukışla Railway Project, which is 3 km long, going through 86. TCDD, 856 million 324 thousand 570 TL will be realized with the Aksaray-Ulukışla Railway Project and the north-south way to connect with each other and aims to provide integration with the other train line.

Aksaray - Niğde and Konya, and will have a total length of 86 kilometers even with the Aksaray - Ulukışla Railway is aimed at transporting passengers and cargo. The project, which will ease transportation, will be integrated with other lines.

Aksaray - Ulukışla Railway;

Bahçesaray, Taşpınar, Akçakent Village of Aksaray
Obruk Village of Niğde Bor,
Koçkıran and Susuzköy District of Konya Emirgazi will pass through Zengen, Acıkuyulu, Yukarıgöndelen, Aziziye and Çakmak Neighborhoods of Ereğli
How many kilometers will be in the province?

Aksaray - Ulukisla Railway;
Starting point and 28,7 mileage in Aksaray Center,
28,77 kilometers to 33,9 kilometers (5,2 km) in Emirgazi, Konya
33,9 kilometers to 43,2 kilometers (9,3 km) in Niğde Bor
43,2 kilometers and 86,089 kilometers (42,089 km) will be in Konya Eregli.

Also on the railway route;
2 Siding,
1 loading-unloading station (OSB zone),
55 underpass,
71 box culvert,
14 overpass bridge,
The 7 bridge will be built.

There will also be no tunnels along the route.
It will reach 200 km per hour

Aksaray Ulukışla Railway Project, which is planned as 86,089 kilometers in length, will be used in freight and passenger service. The electric and bi-directional line will allow passenger trains to reach 200 km / s at a speed of 80 km / h for freight trains. The expropriation of the regions between the 50-60 meters on both sides of the line is among the plans.

Ulukışla Railway Project was positioned between the Aksaray-Turkey rail construction identified as one of the north-south lines planned in Manavgat-way links in Kayseri 128,95 130,45 kilometers and kilometers of railway line project.
Project objectives

It is known that transportation is generally provided by road in the region covering the Aksaray - Ulukışla Railway project route. The proposed railway line is expected to unite the Black Sea, Central Anatolia and Mediterranean regions, and make it accessible to both Samsun and Mersin Ports.

In the high-speed rail construction, advancing with giant steps Turkey, Ankara centers, including Istanbul-Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Afyonkarahisar-İzmir and Ankara-Konya was identified as the core network corridors.
8 in the world, 6 in Europe. We rank

15 Turkey's biggest high-speed train linking the provincial planning priorities Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya, Eskişehir and Konya YHT business was started in the Ankara-Istanbul line. Turkey in a short time in high-speed trains running eighth in the world, became the sixth country in Europe.

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