AKP president visits KOS

Kağıthane Municipality Presidency Fazlı Kılıç and Kağıthane Municipality Press and History Consultant Hüseyin Irmak, who visited the site of the Municipality of Kağıthane on the request of the Municipality of Kağıthane, were evaluated with the Belgrade Dekovil Line project and the issues threatening the Belgrade Forest and the Northern Forests in general.

During the visit, in which KOS reaffirmed its objections to the projects aimed at breaking the integrity of both the Belgrad Forest and the Northern Forests, and to open new areas of construction and new development areas in the forest and its periphery; In order to have a future, Istanbul should not submit to the pressures of the economy and should not be extended to the north.

During the visit, representatives of the Northern Forests Defense reiterated the demand for the cancellation of the ğ Dekovil Line Orman railway project, which would kill the last piece of the Belgrade Forest's natural integrity and slaughter thousands of trees, which would mean the execution of the Belgrad Forest. All Istanbulites can now easily reach and breathe in the Belgrade Forest should be continued to be protected in all ways, he said. Within this scope, it was demanded that the forest be restored to health, to reduce uncontrolled human pressure on the forest and not to be converted into recreation area, to take concrete steps to prevent fragmentation and to work with other district municipalities. This foundation does not grant the zoning license in the forest area; Stopping the floodplains of the Belgrad Forest from being drilled and sold in national and international markets, ie the closure of water drilling stations; The Fatih Forest, such as the Forestry of the Forest, which is a natural extension of all forest areas separated by artificial boundaries, including the inclusion of forest forests and the prohibition of hunting were delivered to the relevant demands.

Kağıthane Mayor Fazlı Kılıç, reducing the pressure of people and vehicles in forest areas, not introducing sports vehicles, prevention of hunting etc. stated that they will give support in case of KOS stepping on all the issues clearly stated.

Representatives of the Defense of the Northern Forests, which stated that there could be no bargaining on the ecosystem of the Belgrad Forest and the Northern Forest, which are surrounded by megaprojects on all sides; In recent years in Istanbul 'greening' under the name of the forest massacres, ie 'urban forests' in the whole city has put the future in danger and all municipalities should stay away from these actions stated that they should. In this context, it was stated that the uncontrolled people and vehicle pressure should be reduced in the forest area named bask Mehmet Sultan Nature Park gerekti given to Kagithane Municipality.

As documented and protested by the KOS in August, new roads are opened around the lake and the water basin extending from the arch of Maglova within the Northern Forests to the Alibey Dam. One of the important and natural extensions of the Northern Forests is translated into a ar European Side International City Forest erek, and separated from the forest integrity and converted into a dry, empty tree decor with work tools. Water and forest basin are delivered to the projects of the side companies. So 3. Airport, 3. The parts of the Istanbul Northern Forests, which have been broken down by the bridge and the Northern Marmara Motorway, are still being cut and cut into the park under the name of kent urban forest Kuzey and all of these are publicized as a service to the public.

The representatives of the Northern Forest Defense are also ceased to occupy the Cendere Valley, the only clean air corridor of Kagithane, by the construction companies; declared that they should be abandoned.

Apart from these, to grow Istanbul to the north; It has been stated that all kinds of projects which aim to open new construction areas within the Northern Forest ecosystem and carry the transportation lines should be stopped. The next stop of the settlements and road movements surrounding the forests will inevitably be the forest itself. The current environment and forest conservation laws are very inadequate due to the intense economic pressure. In order to ensure this condition is compulsory for our children to stay in Istanbul, it is stated that a new abil Northern Forest Law İstanbul should be worked together with all relevant municipalities and parties.

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