One of the World's Largest Vehicle Construction Companies: Russian Transmissions

One of the largest vehicle construction companies in the world is Russian transmasholding
One of the largest vehicle construction companies in the world is Russian transmasholding

Leading the world in the world's largest vehicle construction companies and the production of railway transportation vehicles, the Russian Transmaşholding produces transportation vehicles such as electric locomotives, metro, rail buses. Speaking to Sputnik, Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Transmaşholding Artem Lebedev told the firm.

Stating that the company has maintained its presence in the market for 15 years and is among the 10 leading companies in the world of rail vehicle production, Lebedev said, “In recent years, the company has invested 68 billion rubles in the development of management organizations. Investments enabled us to realize large scale projects. For example, we have developed new generation electric locomotives such as EP20 passenger and 2ES5 freight locomotives. Domestic engines such as D500, D300, D200 were developed. Progress has been made on double-decker trains. In this context, a modern diesel locomotive factory for Russia was established in Bryansk. The company has developed 72 new models in the field of rail transportation ”.


Referring to the company's best products, Lebedev said: “If we talk about the working activity, we can talk about the EP20 electric locomotive. This locomotive can enable passenger wagons to travel at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour on rails. Double-decker coaches have no competitors either. All of these can operate between -50 degrees and 40 degrees. "The trains developed for the Moscow metro can also be shown among the best."


According to Lebedev's statement, Transmasholding is focused on developing commercial relations with its partners abroad.

Noting that the Middle East is among its priority markets, Lebedev said, “Nowadays we are working on some projects in Iran. We have some cooperation plans in Europe. On issues such as metro and tram production… ”he said.

Lebedev said about his future plans: “As a company, we produce not only locomotives but also diesel engines. We are thinking of producing motors with different capacities that run on gas. We are also planning to develop rail buses, electric and diesel locomotives with different features. We also want to increase the comfort of our products. We hope to strengthen our position in the world with noise canceling systems. "

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