New vehicles are banned from traffic in Singapore since 2018

Singapore Transportation Ministry, 2018 as of February announced that the new cars will not allow traffic.

Singapore, which is one of the most expensive countries to own a car, signed a historic decision. The Land Transport Directorate (LTA) said it will certainly not allow an increase in the number of vehicles in the country starting next February. Currently, the annual increase in the vehicle population, which is the allowed rate of increase in automobiles and motorcycles, will be updated as 0.25. 0 will be re-evaluated.

The rationale for the decision was the billions of dollars of public transport investments and the limited land size of the country. The Singapore government has recently expanded its rail network by 30 percent and added new public road transport routes.

Licenses issued by 10 annually

According to the statements of LTA, a new rail system investment will exceed 5 billion dollars in the next 20 years. Because, according to reports, it is stated that 12 percent of the country's lands are occupied by roads, while there are 600 thousand motor vehicles in traffic, including Uber and Grab vehicle sharing initiatives. Singapore, which has increased its population by 2000 by 40 and reached 5.3 million, is one of the countries with the highest population density in the world. For this reason, the vehicle population in the small island country is subject to strict control.

For example, in Singapore, car owners can obtain a 10-year license and a limited number of licenses are granted to vehicle owners through auction. Having a motor vehicle is very expensive. Only 10-year road tax is over $ 7. The price of an average car can go up to four times the US prices. In Turkey, a Honda HR-V sold between 90-110 thousand car owners in Singapore, including the cost of insurance and other taxes 120 thousand dollars.

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