Kocaoğlu: "We go to 800 thousand passengers in the rail system"

Speaking at the Aegean Economic Forum, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor stated that they prioritize the life quality of the city, not the rent, and said, “İzmir is growing healthily by protecting itself and its lifestyle. It refuses to grow with hormones. We strive for the growth of the city in a way that will not be compensated in the future, as much as we can and the law allows, with macro and master plans.

Speaking on the second day of the Aegean summit, where economy, industry, agriculture, energy logistics and the cities of the future were discussed in global, national and regional dimensions, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu brought the phenomenon of "qualified immigration to Izmir" to the center and said "Why Izmir?" answered the question.
Speaking at the Aegean Economic Forum, which was held for the first time in the Aegean Region with the leadership of the Aegean Economy Development Foundation (EGEV), the support of the Ministry of Economy, and the partnership of NTV and Özgencil Organization, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “ they always talked about giving. Currently, İzmir has started to receive white collar immigrants. According to TURKSTAT data, more than 2016 thousand people, most of them educated, moved from Istanbul to Izmir in 16. Because İzmir is a city to breathe, to live as much as you wish, where no one is alienated .. The women of İzmir are also in the life. People who come to this city for 3 years says 'I am from İzmir'. Izmir spirit is growing and growing ”, he said.
Emphasizing that İzmir refuses to “growth with hormones”, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality said, “İzmir is growing healthy by protecting itself and its lifestyle. We strive for the growth of the city in a way that will not be compensated in the future, as much as we can and the law allows, with macro and master plans.

We are going to 800 thousand passengers in rail system
In the past, 'one of Turkey's most indebted city 3' which Izmir today, the international rating agencies Fitch and Moody's "3" taken note of President noted that Aziz Kocaoglu, he continued as follows:
"Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's credit rating is among the highest in the state institutions. We make our investments with this power. 170 km. we finished the rail system. While we transport a passenger for 1 lira with this environmentally friendly and economical type of transportation, we transport them for 3 liras with a rubber wheel. That's why we are not afraid no matter how much we borrowed in our rail system investments. The difference of 2 liras balances both our debt and our interest. It does not have a negative effect on our investment program. 11 km. we were carrying 70 thousand people in the rail system. Now we are heading towards 800 thousand passengers. In 13 years, we enlarged our rail system line 16 times. But if you want to make a world city in the Mediterranean city of parlatıp, environmental investments are also very important .. 5.3 in Izmir of Turkey's population of our lives, but treatment plant capacity, accounts for 25 percent of total capacity in Turkey. Our gulf is getting better every day. By opening the circulation channel, we will have realized one of the most important environmental investments in the world in Izmir Bay. 13 km for this. We will scan 250 million cubic meters of length, 8 meters wide and 30 meters deep. "

Why Izmir?
Stating that İzmir, an important port of the Mediterranean, preserves its life style and values, its stance and does not compromise on these, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “İzmir is the city of democracy. A city with a participatory management approach and decisions are taken together. And leverage a very important city for his role in Turkey's economy. Within the framework of the road map and strategic plan we have prepared, under the guidance of reason and science, a healthy growing city. In the middle of the Izmir model, there is local development. While creating this model, we aimed to increase the welfare and quality of life of Izmir residents; We aspired to this. In order to achieve the goal, we have tried many things that are not the duty of local governments ”.

Izmir's urban transformation in the model's accommodating and spot 'transformation, the Metropolitan Mayor noted that the example of Turkey has continued as follows:
"There is a confusion in Turkey. Milli Emlak opens the land for development, builds and sells housing estates or apartments there. This is not an urban transformation, this is housing production. We demolished our building, three brothers, and built a new one with our own money. This is not urban transformation either! Because 1 square meter of green area does not increase, social reinforcement areas are not built. I consider the current law applied as the law of "encroachment on property". We work very differently on this issue. We do the urban transformation with 100 percent agreement by meeting with the title holders personally. "

We are on the right track
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu explained that the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which had an investment cost of 2004 million TL in 102, made an investment of more than 2016 billion 2 million TL in 350 and said, “We have also gained a serious momentum in the economy with our rural development efforts. Last 10 years, Turkey grew 2.1 percent in agriculture, this rate has exceeded 5 percent in Izmir. All the numbers say we are on the right track. Nobody can prevent İzmir from growing and increasing its welfare level. That bottleneck has been passed, ”he said.

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