We Have Became Europe's 6th High Speed ​​Train Operator

rapid train technology
rapid train technology

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that as a country, 138 kilometers of railways per year have been made, “We have become the 6th high-speed train operator in Europe. This pride is for all of us. ” said.

In her speech at the opening of the Kahramarmaraş Logistics Center, Arslan emphasized that they aim to open the Kahramanmaraş Logistics Center, which they care so much, with extraordinary efforts.

Explaining that as a country, it is very experienced and talented in international logistics services, Arslan stated that transportation is made all over the world and the new area in Kahramanmaraş will further develop these capabilities.

Arslan, who explains the transportation investments throughout the country, stated that the last 15 had a great breakthrough in land, air and sea transportation and 81 pointed out that they aimed to connect the whole of the province in divided ways.

Stating that the railway network has been abandoned to its fate in the past and declared mobilization since the day they took office, Arslan said, “We have made 138 kilometers of railway per year. We have become the 6th high speed train operator in Europe. This pride is for all of us. We are not satisfied with that. Our work on 5 thousand kilometers continues. We are working to make renewal, electrical, signaling. In this context, we will increase the amount of lines with 2 thousand 505 signals to 5 thousand 462 kilometers. ” found the assessment.

Indicating that important investments have been made in Kahramanmaraş, Arslan said that today he has talked about 12 tunnels in Kahramanmaraş.

Drawing attention to the development in aviation, Arslan said, “We have increased the number of airports in our country to 55. This is a state policy. In this sense, we will have reached 189 million in the aviation industry by the end of the year and will sign a new record. ” he spoke.

Stating that the number of the logistics center has reached 8 in the country and 5 of them are still under construction, Arslan added that they attach great importance to the logistics centers.

Explaining that the logistics center in Kahramanmaraş, which has been realized with an investment of 80 million, will take the role of a bridge between the east and the west of the country, Arslan said that they will further develop this center by supporting both the passenger and freight high-speed trains.

Arslan stated that they had received demand for the new bridged intersections of the city and that they started to work in this direction and that the city's logistic values ​​in the region would increase.

High speed train coming to Kahramanmaraş

Explaining that they will strengthen Kahramanmaraş in the field of railway, Arslan said, “We rehabilitate Kahramarmaraş's existing railway connection. There is a high-speed train coming from Istanbul to Konya. From there we go to Kahramanmaraş and from there to Osmaniye, Mersin, Adana. In other words, we will provide transportation from Kahramanmaraş to Istanbul by high-speed train. We will also do this. We are also working on the high-speed train from Istanbul to Europe. ” used expressions.


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