350 Personality Kafile '001 Expedition Halisdemir' Train to Nigde went to visit

Yeşilyurt Municipality sent 15 people to the grave in the Çukurkuyu Town of Niğde Bor District in order to commemorate Martyr Infantry Petty Officer Senior Chief Sergeant Ömer Halisdemir who changed the course of the coup by shooting the coup commander Semih Terzi during the 350 July coup attempt.

The ceremony was attended by TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ executives, Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) Commanders, local government representatives, railways and citizens.


Yeşilyurt District Governorship, District Directorate of National Education, TCDD.Malatya Regional Directorate and Railways Machinery Department contributed by the organization; Yeşilyurt City Council Members, representatives of NGOs, students, members of the press and citizens of 350, 6 22 30 001'da XNUMX'da 'XNUMX Expedition Halisdemir' a train called Niğde went to.

F Saplings of apricots will be planted in Malathia ”

Hacı Uğur Polat, Mayor of Yeşilyurt Municipality, said, ese I would like to thank the District Governorate, District Directorate of National Education, TCDD Malatya Regional Directorate, the Railroad Officers Branch Office and everyone who contributed to our efforts to support such an organization. A total of 350 guests will be greeted by a special train in Nigde. 15 A critical role in the prevention of the July coup attempt and the coup that hit the coup with the traitors of the traitor who died after the bully, our pride, our hero Omer Halisdemir's Borough of Niğde Borough of Çukurkuyu a visit to the cemetery will be held with a broad participation. Apricot seedlings taken from Malatya will be planted in the cemetery. After two days of commemoration of the commemoration of representatives of non-governmental organizations, women, students and press members, they will return to Malatya with the same train. I would like to thank all our guests for participating in a meaningful and valuable organization and wish them a better journey. Bir


Polat reminded that free and free lives in homeland were indebted to the martyrs and veterans. we never forget and we will never forget. Terrorist organizations such as the PKK, DAESH, FETÖ will come together and attack all of us, but we will live under the colonel and never give way to the enemy. We have to make the souls of our martyrs alive. If we live in this country's territory free, independent and freedom, we owe it to martyrs and veterans. The red color in our colonel represents the blood of our martyrs. As long as we and one act together, no one's power will be enough for us. My Lord shall make us proud as Omer Halisdemir, to raise his children to his nation and nation. It


Ali Kaban, the Governor of Malatya, stated that the 15 has passed through the July Fearful Blow to 15 month, d 15 From July to the present, we can see that the coup attempt has been handled frequently and in-depth, serious work has been done on this subject, but the event has not been revealed in all its dimensions. . This type of work to reveal the event while doing this, on the other hand it must have a response in life. In this respect, it is very important for the Municipality of Yesilyurt to arrange a memorial visit to the tomb of the martyr Omer Halisdemir. We have to introduce and inform our young people and students about our recent history as well as our medium and distant history. How to go to Çanakkale to understand these days, how our ancestors to live and feel today in terms of how to move today to understand the events of July 15 an important figure of that day to visit the eternal rest of great importance carries a significant importance. I would like to express my gratitude to our institutions and organizations who contributed to such a beautiful and meaningful work by being the Mayor of Yesilyurt. Bö


The 'Thirty Bird' performed by the students of Yeşilkonak and the 'Lamentation' concert performed emotional moments for the participants of the farewell ceremony. While some citizens were not in tears, Governor Kaban and his students applauded their students.


A student named Eren Büker, who is in the community, said, kab I am very excited to visit the tomb of our hero Ömer Halisdemir, who was martyred in the retreat. I would like to thank Yeşilyurt Municipality in this respect. Y

while Begonia students from Cetinkaya, "from all schools in Turkey needs to be done in such a beautiful organization, on behalf of all our martyred saint sake, I think it would be important. I would like to thank the Municipality of Yeşilyurt for helping us to feel our feelings and not deprive us of these feelings. Y

Visiting Niğde, Elva Özdemir said, de We are going to Niğde to visit the tomb of Ömer Halisdemir who is one of the martyrs of 15 July coup attempt. I would like to thank the Mayor of Yeşilyurt who did not deprive us of these feelings. Biz


Mayor of Niğde, who will go to Niğde, wishes 'auspicious journeys'. Mayor of Yeşilyurt Hacı Uğur Polat moved the train as a representative after he sat in the engineer seat.


During the rousing ceremony, citizens were served ashura by Yeşilyurt Municipality. After the prayer read by Mahmut Menekşe, they were sent to Niğde with special train prayers called '001 Sefer Sayılı Halisdemir' which was designed with photographs of Turkish flags, homeland poems and Ömer Halisdemir.

During the coup attempt of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) on July 15, after the coup, who passed away to Bor, where his mother died after the martyred Ömer Halisdemir, who passed away to Bor district where his tomb was buried, the prayers were read and prayed. they did.

The ceremony of the abduction; Governor Ali Kaban, Governor of Yeşilyurt Ali Sakar, Provincial Director of Police Dr.Ömer Urhal, Mayor of Yeşilyurt Hacı Uğur Polat, Yeşilyurt Deputy Mayors, AK Parti Yeşilyurt District Chairman Muhammed Emin Yalçınkaya, Chairman of AK Party Yeşilyurt Women and Youth Branches, Civil Society and Heads of Professional Organizations, representatives of local and national media organizations, students and many citizens attended

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