3. Bridge to partner?

According to Bloomberg's report, IC Icdas and Italian Astaldi are considering selling shares on the third bridge.

According to three sources informing Bloomberg, Italian construction company Astaldi SpA and its Turkish partner IC Yatırım Holding A.Ş. are evaluating the sale of shares in a joint venture on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

According to sources IC Ictas Astaldi 3. Bosphorus Bridge Investment and Management Inc. The joint venture group will work with Morgan Stanley and Citigroup for the sale of possible shares.

Sources that gave information to Bloomberg informed that Astaldi could sell all its shares and IC İçtaş, who owns 64 percent of the company, could sell partial shares.

According to the 2 source, companies are also negotiating the refinancing of the 9-year-long 2,3 billion-dollar loan. According to the same sources, the new loan may be worth $ 3,2 billion dollars. Astaldi, IC Holding, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley did not comment on the subject.



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