Special transportation schedule for 29 October Republic Day in Izmir: 1 will be a penny

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality determined the public transportation tariff for the citizens who would like to participate in the events that will be held on the 29 October Republic Day, as Cumhuriyet 1 Kuruş esi.

94 the Republic of Turkey. The celebration of the year to celebrate the joy of the people of Izmir, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality came from. The Metropolitan Municipality Council, 29 made the public transportation tariff '1 Kuruş' on October Sunday in order to facilitate participation in the events.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, 2 on October, making a call from social media accounts for the celebration of the Republic Day "free" to the request of the Ministry of Interior announced that the transmission.

Acting upon the proposal of Mayor Kocaoğlu, the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the ehir 1 kuruşluk öner tariff for the decision of the Council of Ministers. In the decision taken unanimously, ım In case of a decision of the Council of Ministers before the festival, the free tariff in the public transportation vehicles of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality; In case the Council of Ministers decision is not taken, the implementation of 1 dime tariff shall be applied in public transportation vehicles of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in a way to be valid on Republic Day. Ise

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