YOLDER Proposed Public-NGO Cooperation for the Prevention of Railway Accidents

The Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER) has applied to the General Directorate of TCDD to organize a workshop where policies and strategies will be determined in order to determine the causes of railway accidents and incidents and occupational accidents and to discuss and implement the solutions.

In order to minimize accidents in railway lines, YOLDER applied to TCDD to organize a workshop on the prevention of accidents and civil society support in cooperation with organized non-governmental organizations in TCDD.

In the application, as the road maintenance and repair personnel who formed the member profile of YOLDER, every title and duty of the workforce are developed through trainings, and in the recent years TCDD's organizational structure and protective equipment has been provided in order to prevent possible accidents and incidents, work accidents and reduce negative consequences. It has been pointed out that significant progress has been made in the subjects and that non-governmental organizations should contribute to achieve the targeted results of these efforts in a shorter time.

Emphasizing that the most important reason why the measures taken on occupational health and safety cannot be put into practice with sufficient efficiency is the failure of the employees to increase their awareness and awareness, professional organized structures of the employees can contribute to the development of the awareness of their members in cooperation with TCDD.

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