The wood massacre in the Northern Forest was viewed from space

The International Space Station (ISS), US astronaut Randy Bresnik Continuing its mission, the photo shoot passing through Istanbul that Turkey's ongoing construction of social media in paylaştı.istanbul 3 drew attention to the felling of trees in the region's airport.

Bresnik, one of the American National Aviation and Space Administration (NASA) astronauts, said on Twitter: “Istanbul is the place where Europe and Asia meet. The beautiful Hagia Sophia and the fascinating Sultanahmet Mosque ”shared a photo taken from space.

According to Odatv'in news; Bresnik shared a photo of 3 in Istanbul. due to the highway project passing through the Northern Forests, the area where the trees were cut has attracted attention.

'In the Northern Forests Defense, the photograph un 3. the carnage that you made the airport looks from space. Even the British occupation forces did not do this to the Northern Forests, but you did Kuzey.

Source : odatv

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