Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Arslan in Sakarya

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, regarding the High Speed ​​Train works, said, “Our goal is to reach Pendik at the end of next year.ten sonrasını da bitirdiğimizde Sakaryaof the products produced by the industry in Europeya kesintisiz gidebilme şansı olacak. Bununla da yetinmiyoruz, ayrıca demiryolu olarak Yavuz Sultan Selim Köprüsü üzerinden de AvrupaEither a second line will be built, and we are working on it. " said.

Arslan visited Sakarya Governor İrfan Balkanlıoğlu in the city where he came to hold a series of contacts.

Governor Balkanlıoğlu, who made a statement to the press after the memo book was signed, said that Sakarya is located on the transportation arteries.

Explaining that there are ongoing investments by the ministry in the city, Balkanlıoğlu said, “The state opened its mouth to Sakarya. Everything continues to be done in terms of investment and transportation. Our national train, which will be our national pride, will make us even more pleased. He spoke in the form.

Expressing his happiness to be in Sakarya, Minister Arslan said that as the ministry, they have come a long way in every field of transportation with dizzying moves for 15 years.

Stating that 81 provinces have their share of investments and will continue to do so, Arslan said, “Sakarya has an advantage over others. Sakarya is at a crossroads. It has a very short distance to the east, west, north and south and has the opportunity to reach all types of transportation and to be a locomotive in terms of transportation infrastructure to industry. As the ministry, we are doing everything we can to take this chance even further. It is beneficial for our Sakarya citizens to know this. Our only city in terms of roads, provincial roads and state roads is completely hot asphalt, but the port we built in Karasu is very important in order not to be content with this and to bring it together with the sea. It will bring Sakarya to the sea in terms of transportation. " used the expressions.

High Speed ​​Train Works

Arslan, who informed that the high-speed train, which provides access to Arifiye centered both in Ankara and Istanbul, has been carried forward, said, “The station in Arifiye will also be finished at the end of this year. The railway connection of the city center from Arifiye to Istanbul is also very important. Our goal is that when we finish the period after Pendik at the end of next year, the products produced by the industry in Sakarya will have the chance to go to Europe without interruption. We are not satisfied with this, besides, a second line will be built to Europe via Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge as the railway, and we are working on it. That will also start from Akyazı and thus, a second additional rail route will be added to Adapazarı. " He spoke in the form.

Port of Karasu

Arslan, who expressed the progress of the procurement process within the scope of the railway connection works for Karasu Port, continued:

“The ground turned out to be very troubled. Not only that, we also have a railway project that will connect Sakarya to the ports in Karasu, Ereğli and Bartın. The projects are about to finish. When we associate it with the investment program, Adapazarı will take a significant distance in terms of reaching everything not only by highways but also by railways and we will integrate all modes of transport with each other. This is very important for Sakarya as well as for our country. We know that the traffic of Sakarya is getting more and more tight due to its central location and its roads are becoming inadequate. As a solution to this, project studies are continuing for the Black Sea Coastal Road to run from the north of the city to Şile Ağva in parallel to the Black Sea. "

"The cost of our investments in Sakarya is 5 billion 346 million TL"

Minister Arslan gave information about the investments made by the ministry to the city and emphasized that the cost of the investments they have made in Sakarya and the AK Party governments since the beginning of 2003 is 5 billion 346 million TL.

Stating that the cost of the projects that are currently under construction in terms of highways alone is 3,3 billion TL, Arslan said, “1,7 billion TL of this has been paid. I hope this move will continue. In the field of communication, while there was no broadband internet subscriber in Sakarya in 2002, it has 777 thousand subscribers today. The number of schools we have acquired ADSL within the framework of the classroom we have given to the Ministry of National Education has increased from 89 to 478. We continue to support this issue. " said.

Noting that TÜVASAŞ is very important for the ministry and Sakarya and that it has supported TCDD in terms of railway transportation from the past to the present, Arslan said that TÜVASAŞ has a very important function in the country, especially in the production of advanced technology domestic and national products, and that it will also fulfill it. He reported that they gave all kinds of support.

Stating that there are many beautiful things throughout the country, Minister Arslan said, “We have full faith in the fact that our country is better tomorrow than today. We will always do our best. We will add our night to our day. Very good things are happening. While there are only 133 kilometers of divided roads in Sakarya, today there are 344 kilometers of divided roads. There is 520 kilometers of hot asphalt road. We have done too much, we do not say enough anymore. We will do more. " he spoke.



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