Transfer station for public transport to Sirinyer Park

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will soon transform the Şirinyer Park, located in the center of Buca, one of the biggest districts of the city. According to the prepared project, the 69-acre park, which will be saved from the dense construction on it, will meet a contemporary appearance and a greener texture.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will transform Şirinyer Park, which has become a chaotic area due to the scattered buildings on it, into a modern city park with new applications it will implement. The Metropolitan Municipality, which is reconsidering the park on a 69-acre area in the center of Buca, will both preserve and increase the existing green texture and make it a green focus that is open to pedestrian access from all directions. Within the scope of the project, all the structures located in the park area in a scattered and spreading way will be removed. The cultural center, social center and marketplace projects to be implemented will bring more qualified, contemporary and ecological structures to the region.

Within the scope of the project, the tender process is ongoing, a platform will be created that will connect the two sides of the area by taking advantage of the elevation difference between Menderes Street and Cemil Şeboy Avenue. The idea of ​​an upgraded park will form the backbone of the project. Existing functions will be redesigned around this backbone, creating unity with the enhanced green texture that "surrounds the platform in all directions". With pedestrian axes to be opened in the east-west direction, safe and comfortable access will be provided to public transportation points at all hours of the day.

A green paradise in life
Şirinyer Park will be connected to Forbes Street with running, walking and cycling tracks. A cultural center, social center and semi-open marketplace will be established in connection with the platform to be created within the park.

The Cultural Center will consist of two multi-purpose halls, exhibition areas, foyers, neighborhood clubs and service venues. The open-air cinema culture from Şirinyer's memory will be relieved as an amphitheater.

The Social Center will consist of a women's and children's activity center, a disabled activity center, a head office and a cafeteria.

The semi-open marketplace projected in the project is designed to be available for use every day of the week and to respond to flexible public use, rather than moving the current market to a different area. Within this scope, the user will be provided with many different levels in the marketplace to be established. For the marketers, service entrance and loading points will be formed from the parking lot and ground level.

Within the scope of the project; The parking lot needed by the area and the region will be implemented as an underground car park in the region where there are no trees in the west wing in accordance with the capacities determined by the relevant regulations.

More trees
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed the detection and reporting studies for the protection, development and sustainability of the green tissue, which is mainly black cypress, iron tree, pistachio pine and palm. Accordingly, in the Şirinyer Park, where the existing structures will be cleared and the tree texture will be preserved, areas that are not "parked" will be converted into parks and recreation areas; Afforestation will be realized at the highest possible level. Hard floors with natural floor materials will be kept to a minimum.

Transfer station for public transportation
A railway station was also considered within the scope of the project, as both the rail system and the public transport with rubber wheels were located at the transfer point. The three water wells and protected areas in the area, Buca's future water reserve, will be protected within the framework of the regulations without any construction at the approaching distances.

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