Şanlıurfa Metropolitan, Tramway Crossing Line Planned on Diyarbakır Road

7 aims to create a separate bridge junction between the city center and the airport in order to ensure the flow of lightless traffic.

Metropolitan Municipality, the third bridged interchange Karaköprü District Kolsuzoğlu Boulevard intersecting area began to work to do.

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, Diyarbakir Road, completed construction on the 15 July Democracy and Martyrs Bridge Interchange after the same route to the airport on the same route to speed up the flow of traffic projected to build the 3 folded bridge junction rolled up.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has demolished 15 houses in the region prior to the “Narlıdere Multi-Storey Bridge Interchange”, which was accelerated by the Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, started the construction and excavation works.


. Narlıdere Köprülü Junction birbirine which will connect the İbrahim Kolsuzoğlu Boulevard that provides the transition to Çardaklıkaya Boulevard and one of the most important vessels of Karaköprü district, which will transfer to Yeşiloğlu Boulevard, will provide an uninterrupted transportation between the two sides of Karaköprü which Diyarbakır Road separates.

Thanks to the construction of the intersection, Çardaklıkaya Boulevard and Kolsuzoğlu Boulevard will be connected to a viaduct with an 430-meter stretch. Diyarbakır Road route will be in the form of a diver and the whole project will be constructed with 3 floors with side roads. The route is completely free of traffic and it is planned to prevent traffic accumulation during the construction of Karaköprü Çevikforce Intersection Project.


In line with the transportation problem, which is one of the projects of the Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, the Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to ensure the flow of traffic without traffic between the city center and the airport on the Diyarbakır road axis, has completed 7 of the 2 different crossroads on the route.

After the 15 July Democracy and Martyrs' Bridge Interchange, the projects of the bridged intersections which will disable the lights at the junction of Kolsuzoğlu Boulevard, Balıkayağı Boulevard, Metrolife Hospital and Cemre Facilities are being prepared by Metropolitan Municipality. Projects are expected to be completed in the coming days. Karaköprü Bridge Interchange was prepared and sent to the General Directorate of Highways.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which has not forgotten the Tramway Passing Line on the Diyarbakir Road route, which has been started to expand from 35 to 50 meters, has prepared the necessary projects for passing a tramway in the middle of the road. In the continuation of the road will be the expansion of the former Karaköprü vent.

It was calculated that 210 tons of iron and 3140 m³ concrete will be used in the X Narlıdere Different Level Interchange Junction iy project, which is planned to be completed within 21160 day working day.

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