Chairman Yılmaz: “Samsun Logistics Village Project is a lot for our city. Kazanwill stop”

Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz attended the evaluation meeting about Logistics Village.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz continues to closely follow the developments regarding the Logistics Village project, in which the Metropolitan Municipality is the largest partner with 40% of the shares. Chairman Yılmaz, who made investigations in the project area and received information about the latest status of the project from the authorities, drew attention to the importance of the project, which has a budget of over 40 million Euros, for Samsun; “This project has done a lot for our city in terms of prestige, city economy and employment. kazanwill go,” he said.

Chairman of the Board reminded that the project is highly shaped and an important path has been taken in construction works. Belirli There has been a certain point in terms of both infrastructure and superstructure. We now have to plan and plan the management plans, collaborations and processes that should be carried out after the work is put into practice. This is not a simple business or factory. We have to manage business processes well and think big for it. We should examine examples in other countries of the world doing this work and determine the ways of mutual cooperation with these enterprises and establish our communication. Again, while doing this work with the relevant institutions of our country, TDDY, DHMI, THY actors such as how we should determine the principle of working with them and we have to plan the steps of the protocol and cooperation with them, ülk he said.

Mayor Yilmaz, as well as the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Turan Cakir, AK Party Parliamentary Group Vice Chairman Nihat Soguk, Secretary General Coşkun Öncel, SASKİ General Manager Kamil Demircioğlu, SASKİ Channel Affairs Director Muhlis Yesilyurt, Head of the Department of Science Affairs Serkan Çam, Project Coordinating Unit Director of Samsun Logistics Village Project, Abdullah Gökbilgin and project officials participated.

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